Modded Aventon Soltera.2, drop bars, dual battery


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Mar 1, 2024
I just wanted to share some modifications I made to my Soltera.2. After buying it I realized I bought the wrong bike so I have spent the last 6 months correcting this mistake.

I didn't like the handle bars so I tried the Surly corner bars and trigger shifter but after 3d printing about 4,209,089 different adapters for the tops to make them feel like hoods I gave up and just purchased new bars, Claris brifters and rear derailleur. This was a lot of work but not only is the bike so much more comfortable, it shifts about 1000 times better than the dog s*** tourney hardware. There was nowhere for me to mount the LCD or controls so I 3d printed a handle bar extender to put the controls right next to my hand while in the drops and so I can see the LCD even when I have my phone in the phone holder. I even ran the front derailleur cable so, in the future, I can add a second ring.

I then wanted to extend the battery range without having to carry an extra battery or pay half the cost of the bike to Aventon to get an extra battery. I found an 8ah battery that fits into a small frame bag (not pictured), bought a battery balancing unit, drilled some holes so I could wire everything internally and 3d printed an xt60 plug holder for the seat post. I can now buy super cheap 36v battery packs and extend the range easily.

Other modifications are pretty run of the mill but I listed them below.
  • 53T oval chainring
  • 165mm crank arms
  • Clipless pedals
  • Compact drop bars
  • Claris rear derailleur
  • Claris brifters
  • Suspension stem
  • Custom handlebar extender
  • New light mount
  • Bar end mirrors
  • Frame mirror
  • Dual water bottle cages
  • Suspension seat post
  • New seat
  • Dual battery balancer (internal)
  • Seat post mounted XT60 connector
Future mods
  • Front derailleur
  • Cable pull hydraulic brakes
  • Hack the controller


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I ended up putting hydraulic brakes and ceramic pads, they made a huge difference in stopping power. However, the best mod was the front 105 (widened) derailleur though, the chain never pops off and I can actually get up hills without power.
Wow- that's some impressive work! Do you mind sharing some details about how you mounted the second water bottle cage? Did you just drill holes through the frame to mount it? Was there enough clearance with the battery or did you have to do some additional modding?