1. Sinch.2

    Sinch.2: How to Reset Trip B Odometer?

    I can clear Trip A, but Trip B remains after clearing the data. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Smaug

    Cracked 1,000 miles on the Aventon Level.2

    I knew it would happen on yesterday’s ride. It happened in the usually scenic harbor. Too bad it was so foggy. It was about 19 miles along the west coast of Lake Michigan in Kenosha, WI.
  3. N

    Aventon Abound front utility rack

    Does anyone have the Aventon Abound front utility rack they would like to sell? I recently purchased an Aventon Abound and also bought the small pet carrier from their site. This is not an Aventon item specifically, but is supposed to work…but doesn’t. The hanger for it doesn’t fit the front...
  4. O

    Old fogey just starting into eBikes (Aventon Level.2)

    Hi, everyone! I was out riding my 1972 Peugeot PX10E and fell twice, had difficulty getting my leg over the top tube and decided to try an eBike with step thru design. Local dealer sells Aventon's and test ride on Level.2 sealed the deal for me. I don't have it yet, it's on layaway, but my wife...
  5. M

    Aventon Adventure Batteries - For sale in box

    Hi, I had 2 Adventon Adventures but we are trading to the Pace 500.3 as its a better fit for our use. We got 2 extra batteries with the Aventure that we never used. They are still in the boxes so I am looking to sell them if anyone is interested, I think new they are 499, will sell for 200...
  6. L

    Aventon aventure odometer way off

    How do I reset?
  7. V

    Buying Local or discount from Aventon

    Hi All Quick question. I am looking to buy an Aventon level 2 and a Pace 500.3 for myself and my wife. Aventon is having a huge Black Friday sale now where I can purchase the level 2 for $1399 and the pace 500.3 for $1299 on their site. I went to my LBS this weekend and the best they will do...
  8. Smaug

    Looks like Aventon has discontinued the Pace.350!

    I guess no one was buying them, and their low-power option is now limited to the Solterra: https://www.aventon.com/collections/ebikes?
  9. B

    Who here owns a Aventon 500.3? How are you liking it so far?

    Just wondering what kind of ebike it's been for people who have one and what do you think of the ebike so far? Would you buy one again knowing what you know about the bike now. Did you buy fenders and rack for the back? What do you think about the company Aventon? Thank you for responding!! and...
  10. D

    Aventon adjustable stem

    I'm selling my 2 Aventon adjustable stems with 3d printed light bracket.so you can mount the light back on the handle bars I currently have these on my wife's and my level 2. But now I'm gonna go a different route they are only like a week old. For me they are a little to long when I get to a...
  11. D

    New to eBikes, just got a Aventure.2

    Hi all, I joined a little while ago to research eBikes. I kept going back and forth on brands and such. The specs and details can make you crazy. One the thing I came away with from the site was to use a local bike shop if possible. So used an authorized Aventon deal. I was pretty happy...
  12. L

    Pace 500.3 Rear Light Design

    If one adds the rear rack to a Pace 500 the mounting brace blocks the brake light and turn signal. At night the glow makes it a non-problem but we try hard not to ride at night. During the day those lights are not very visible anyway, and hiding behind the brace makes them close to invisible...
  13. S

    Bluetooth Bike Computer for Aventon Soltera 7

    Greetings, I'm curious if a Bluetooth bike computer can be paired to my Aventon Soltera 7. Aventon offers a bike computer on their website (the MSW Miniac 333 GPS BLE Bike Computer to be exact) that states "no sensors". Can this be paired to my ebike without me having to install seperate...
  14. FZERO2002

    Aventon Soltera 7

    For sale I have a Aventon Soltera 7, used but great condition. Pics upon request. Shipping available $750 obo
  15. jlhog1

    Aventure Best Mod so Far

    I changed the cranks to 152 mm as I was scraping too much around corners and added some better (bigger) pedals. So much more fun to ride. I can lean into corners instead of going wide now without scraping... It will be a total blast now.
  16. P

    Tires & Tubes Aventon Aventure 2 - Changing over to tubeless?

    I've had my Aventure 2 for 3 months now, and would like to switch over to tubeless. Has anyone tried this? Any recommendations?
  17. B

    Aventon Pace 500.2

    Hi, have brand new, NEVER used out-of-the-box PACE 500.2 for sale. $1,200. Thanks for looking
  18. jlhog1

    Aventon Aventure Walk Mode ?

    Can anyone explain how this works? I tried long pressing the minus button but nothing seems to change. How long do you hold the minus button down? Does the display indicate walk mode? How do you walk it? Using the throttle? Thanks,,
  19. H

    Aventon Aventure custom front rack

    I have a step through Aventon Aventure and I’m looking to make a front platform for my dog to ride with me (she’s small). Has anyone made anything either utilizing the front rack or it’s mounting holes to create a platform or basket around 13”x16”? She is just under 20 pounds. I have a crate I...
  20. A

    New to Aventon Aventure - a couple of Questions

    Hi I'm new to this forum and looking forward to finding out more about my bike. But first ... I just bought an Aventon Aventure it's the Gen 1 model, (sales guy said it's last years model) and have a couple of questions. First - I have been riding a Rad Power RadRunner before I bought this...