1. X

    Aventon Aventure controller replacement

    Anyone replace their stock controller on their Aventure? I have been thinking of trying to convert over to a KT-25a or similar.
  2. 4

    Aventon Aventure

    My Aventon Aventure has a steering Shaking/oscillating problem. This started after about 2500 miles. I had the bike shop check it and they put in new head set bearings. That did not fix the problem. I had Aventon send me the complete head set and the bike shop installed that and it still...
  3. paulmich603

    Aventon Level 2 shipping dates?

    My Level 2 step through has a shipping date of May 1. Are their shipping dates accurate? Looking forward to my first ebike.
  4. MassGuy

    Trying to decide between an Aventon Level.2 Commuter, Aventon Adventure 2 fat tire and Mokwheel Basalt fat tire

    I've been researching ebikes for days. Things that are important to me are range, speed and quality. Quality applies to all bikes. Range is more important than speed but I wouldn't mind having it all. I was originally going to go with the Aventon Level.2 Commuter. Seems like a great bike with a...
  5. HumanPerson

    My Aventon Aventure journey

    So i've been using the Dual battery discharge balancer with a BTRpower 48v 25ah battery. After getting the Veerubber street tires, i have charged both the stock aventure battery and the btrpower battery up to 53.8v and set out to abuse this bike and the dual battery discharge balancer. So...
  6. E

    Riding sand-protection?

    I purchased an Aventon Aventure.2. Most of my riding will be on sandy forest service roads in Michigan. Are there any precautions/mods I should take to protect vulnerable parts from sand damage?
  7. Snoop

    Aventon Pace now has a v3.0

    Just noted my Pace 500 v2 now has a v3 option available. Looks like the big changes include the rear integrated lights, which are smaller and more posteriorly located, but now have turn signal blink capability, which is kinda cool. It also comes now with a torque sensor instead of cadence...
  8. L

    Pedal lights wanted for Aventon

    Does anyone have any recommendation for pedal led lights for Aventure preferably without changing pedals?
  9. S

    Batteries do they fail suddenly?

    Do batteries fail suddenly, my local bike shop says it’s no good, was fine last fall
  10. F

    Aventon Level changing cadence to torque sensing

    Anybody know about changing stock 2022 Aventon Level to newer Level2 torque sensing. Dealer apparently more interested in selling stock 2022 than telling us about new Level2 that was coming out in a few months. Thanks Jack
  11. S

    Aventon Level.2 tires

    Has anyone attempted to install 2.3 inch trail style tires on a Aventon Level.2?
  12. J

    aventon aventure govenor on bike

    I just got an aventon adventure and going down hill it seems to have a governor on the bike so it won't go past 20 mph,without peddling, does anyone know how to get past this problem, Thankyou.
  13. Cheffelisha

    Custom Aventon Aventure Build

    Thought I would share my winter project with you all. This started out at a 76 pound stock Aventon Aventure and it is now a rip-roaring 56 pound beast.
  14. H

    Aventon Aventure headlight bracket

    I put a handlebar accessory rail on my Aventon Aventure. I want to move my factory headlight to the new rail but the rail is much smaller than the original handlebar mounting location. The bracket Aventon uses does not come apart and doesn’t have much room for adjustment. I would like to get a...
  15. Smaug

    For Sale Aventon rear rack

    OEM rear rack from Aventon Level.2. $20+ shipping. CONUS shipping is $15. It’s in great shape, 9.5/10 easily. The width of the top of the rack is 5” apart so the Topeak MTX adapter plate won’t fit. The distance between the lower mounting points is 6-3/8”. The distance between the lower...
  16. R

    New to e-bikes, mods and upgrades

    Hello! Just bought new e-bikes for me and the wife. I come from a long history of motorcycles, both MX and roadracing and pleasure, commuting. Cannot believe how much fun these are and great that me and the wife can ride together. I also have a long history of road bike pedaling and mountain...
  17. J

    Thread size on aventon aventure rear axle too big for trailer

    Hello, I bought a aosom cargo trailer for my aventon aventure1,the threads on my rear axle are to big for the trailer, would anyone know the diameter thread on the aventon aventure1 so I can drill the hole in the trailer,any help would be greatly appreciated, Thankyou.
  18. Smaug

    Please recommend a seat for me - Aventon Level 2

    I got my Aventon Level.2. Its riding position is leaned forward, but not racer level. I didn't find its stock seat comfortable; not enough cushion (no rear suspension) and a bit hot on the prostate area. I put my Brooks B67 on it, but I'm finding Brooks was correct when they said it's better...
  19. rkgeorge

    Aventon Aventure.2 handlebar stem riser ? Model Please ?

    Aventon Aventure.2 handlebar stem riser ? Model Please ?
  20. A

    Pace 500 first generation motor fails after near 1000 miles

    As my title infers, after almost 1000 miles the hub motor on my Pace 500-1 has failed. I started to get a severe knocking sound coming from the rear. This only was evident when cycling. Racking the bike did not re-create the noise. The noise was evident without pedaling. I had a reputable Trek...