Upcoming Releases: Fiido super-light road & gravel bikes


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4:21 PM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
Looks like they'll have a road version with drop bars and a gravel version with flat bars: LINK



  • (y)(n)Looks like a hub drive, as there is no shifting hardware and I don't think enough room in the bottom bracket for a motor. So single speed? It's less of an issue in an eBike than an mBike, since the motor can just help more at lower speeds. Hills will be a b**ch though if a fellow runs the battery down...
  • (y)(n) Mounting points for a rear rack, but no fender options.
  • (y)I don't see a throttle either, so Class 1 to keep it simple & light?
  • (y)Interesting belt stay design, so that the frame doesn't have to be broken to change a belt.
  • (y)Looks like full integration of the lights.
  • (n)No option for gravel tires w/drop bars?
  • (n)Limited seat height adjustment, due to not having a full length seat tube
  • (n)Built-in batteries? = planned obsolescence? (though it's possible the other side of the frame opens)
They've made some design decisions here to keep it simple & light and it could also be affordable. Let's see what happens; I may buy one!
Yeah but this is just a render. Manufacturer's renders of pending products are infamous for being inaccurate on details. Oftentimes the render artist just takes an item in their digital stock and puts it on to get the thing looking complete. Thats how so many bikes get Magura brakes but then when you see them in real life its something with a weird label like Tektroo or Shinano.