Hello from da' White Mountains of New Hampshaaaaa


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Jul 4, 2023
New Hampshire
Greetings e-riders.

Been riding bicycles since the late 60's, and had to finally admit to myself..."ya' ain't gettin' no younger - don't ya' know?" ;)

Was looking for a new gravel bike and really liked the Specialized Diverge until my LBS owner said you should take this e-bike out for a spin. OMG, never been on an e-bike before but I was sold almost immediately as steep dirt climbs I knew well and gnarly gravel/sandy spots were so much more manageable for these ole' legs that have seen ~60 years of hard skiing. So here I am a proud owner of a new Specialized Vado SL. Have put quite a few miles on it so far and really like how light it is, especially lifting it in and out of my Tacoma pickup. Still having some issues getting used to flat bars again after all those years on drops, so we'll see how that goes. Stay tuned.......Cheers coach. :cool:


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