Hello from Pensacola, FL!!


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7:46 AM
Apr 11, 2022
Hi everyone,

My name is Ron, 62, and I live in Pensacola, FL. I am new to e-biking, and have had my Aventon Aventure for a week. I purchased it from a local bike shop. The owner made sure it was assembled the right way and even test rode it himself. I only had a chance to take it on a few rides last week, but wow, this thing can fly!

I come from a long history of cycling a road bike long distance, but that ended in 2016 when I had cervical spinal fusion, plus a multitude of other surgeries. Thanks to my 34 year old son, who bought an e-bike a few months ago, it got me interested in riding again. As I began looking for an e-bike, I knew I had to get something to get my mind to "think out of the box" away from road cycling. I knew I couldn't buy a bike where I was leaning forward. I knew I had to get something with wider tires so I could ride on gravel, sandy beaches near the shoreline, and trails. I didn't want to be limited to the road.

I can say that I'm simply amazed at how many e-bike companies there are. I was even more amazed that there is an e-bike specific store here in Pensacola!