1. H

    Fiido Titan

    How aboout some thoughts on this foe a multi-use bike for an old man
  2. R

    Fiido X v2 opinion

    Hello, Juist checking if there are any opinions here about the Fiido X v2 model folding ebike. I am in the market for a light foldable ebike and this one seems to fit the bill. Apparently there were initial defects that the company seems to have resolved. Any othere suggestions for a light...
  3. Smaug

    Upcoming Releases: Fiido super-light road & gravel bikes

    Looks like they'll have a road version with drop bars and a gravel version with flat bars: LINK (y)(n)Looks like a hub drive, as there is no shifting hardware and I don't think enough room in the bottom bracket for a motor. So single speed? It's less of an issue in an eBike than an mBike...
  4. lilynini

    Should I choose Fiido D11 or Ado A20 Lite?

    I live in Vietnam and I am planning to buy an e bike for school and daily commuting. My need is a car that is durable, less susceptible to damage, has a good battery capacity and is water resistant. I'm deciding between Fiido D11 and Ado A20 Lite. I need a car that is suitable for me and the...
  5. E

    Fiido Dual Hub Motor Setup

    Hi everyone, I got a fiido Q1 with 1500w setup on my current bike. I bought another 1500W hub motor and controller, wanting to install in the front of my fiido. I have 2 controllers and 2 hub motors and 2 batteries but 1 throttle. Qn 1: How do I wire 2 controllers to 1 throttle? Qn 2: Can I...
  6. fexx77

    Engwe Engine Pro Vs Fiido M21

    I have to decide between these two E-bikes. There's a dealer who sells them at the same price. Both have interesting features. About the Engwe I like the esthetics and the hydraulic breakes. I'm not mad about the M21 look but the torque sensor is the thing I'm interested in. I'd use it for...
  7. H

    User manual - Fiido T1

    Did any of you T-1 owners get the manual with your bike? Anybody get the PDF download? Anybody know where to get it? Thanks
  8. Gh3tt0W3d0_74

    Fiido T1 1k Mile review.

    Hello fellow e-Bike enthusiasts, I bought my Fiido T1 over a month ago, the reason, my car got impounded! I had the money to get it out of impound, but something, or someone kept telling me; "JUST LET IT GO", well not being 1 to ignore things like this, I let my car go, & blunt an e-Bike...
  9. "A"

    Fiido T1 Review

    Interesting spin on the Radrunner.. I bought one few weeks ago, it arrived within a week of placing the order online. I wish it was warmer & streets are not covered...