My 1st E-bike already looks like Frankenstein


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Mar 15, 2024
Austin TX
My 1st E-bike already looks like Frankenstein, but I am learning. I am a old machinist/ fabricator so I can build frames but I don't know much about electronics.
I am learning though . With an ultimate goal of building a lowrider stretch cruiser a commuter and a really fun one.
I started cheap and small because I had an idea that could share a car with my 16-y/o. I wanted to make sure that I would actually ride and use it.
After 1 week of riding a used 250W Schwinn I got for $250 on Marketplace.
I wanted more power and to ride further with cargo.
So I looked at all the cargos bike and decided I liked a trailer with my bike best.
So I added a 48V-500W front wheel amazon kit to my bike creating a 2wd bike.

I am a big guy 6'3 260lbs with a full curbside order loaded on the BOB trailers it will easily hit 25 on flat and climb the grad home.
I am done testing my batteries and controller combos so next is to fab everything to the bike. for now bungie cords and zip ties.
I am also planning to power the trailer. I am not sure how I want to do it.
I was thinking
250W 48V

1 Share the front wheel controller and battery and throttle .
2 100% independent system like the front all contained in the trailer but the throttle is throwing me.
3 Share the PA sensor that is the stock bike rear wheel sensor and the battery but a controller on board I like this the best but not sure.

Any ideas ?

My 1
st E-bike already looks
Nice work. It's looking good. May I ask what brand of cargo trailer you are using.

Thanks. & Welcome to the group.