1st e Bike


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Mar 13, 2024
Hi Everyone.

I have joined this forum because I have purchased a Scott Addict 20 e Ride, I am approaching 70 and want to keep riding. The appeal of the Scott was the weight,
11.6 Kg and the latest technology, Mahle X20 and Di2, that I could afford. However, the bike has now completed 18 Km and the X20 system has failed twice, once after 6.5 Km and the second after 2.7 Km and is currently sitting in the dealer's workshop. The original problem appeared to be caused by a connector at the rear that is meant to locate when the wheel is inserted. This connector presumably didn't connect and stopped transferring data between the switch and the rear hub. I suspect that the current problem is the same although the store has not confirmed anything.

Not a very good start to e biking
Glad to hear you're back on the road. I've got 1000+ kms on my X20 -equipped gravel bike and while I have some issues, none of 'em are related to MAHLE...that part of it I really, really like!