Scott Addict eride (new) rattling battery in downtube?




Two weeks in with my Scott Addict eride 10 (2022 with the x20 motor etc) and it has a dreadful clattering rattle that I have been trying to fix. I have threaded foam etc into various apertures and around the cables etc (including around the controller where two loose unused wires were an issue) but it hasn't gone. Now I have found that if I grab the frame and give it a good shake I am sure I can hear (and feel) the battery moving around inside the downtube, probably more towards the headtube end. The two bolts in the downtube which I assume fix the battery pack appear tight.

It is going back to the dealer this week but I post to see if anyone has had the same, any other suggestions etc. Otherwise I am very impressed, and the bike does exactly what I was looking for in an e-roadbike. Happy to write a review if anyone wants


PS How do you post in the brand sub-forums? I couldn't seem to get the Scott Forum as an option when making a new post. If admin want to move a copy there it is fine by me!


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My battery used to jolt around and rattle all the time
I just stuck some torn up Styrofoam into the downtube beside the battery. Wedged it in there tight. Doesn't make that noise anymore.
But keep in mind that if you puncture the battery it will explode like a pound of black powder.