E-bike new throttle replacement work…week later, not functioning…any ideas?


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7:14 AM
Jul 7, 2023
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So, Jetson bolt throttle was replaced by after market which worked for over week, then all sudden, stopped working…anyone had similar experience etc..? It’s not clear why this happened n if there’s no power to controller or signal output but definitely I’ll prob around. also, recently had headlight started to flash n won’t stay on, I did disconnect the old factory twist throttle /battery indicator n /cruise/ light switch, but headlight started to flash prior to me disconnecting it. Let me know if u had some similar problems etc…or know what might be going on with this…
Unfortunately throttles are temperamental and can fail with or without cause. ARGH.

I deal all day in just these types of problems and it's very frustrating.

It sounds like there is more than one problem going on here. Check all your wires and connectors for integrity.

You can test your throttle for functionality with a cheap tester or put 3AA batterys in series for 4.5v and power your red and black leads with this. Put a voltmeter on the positive and signal lines and see how much voltage is sent to the signal lead when you twist the throttle.

Throttles are relatively cheap and it might be worth it to just purchase another one.

Good luck.
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