First Ebike Impressions Magicycle cruiser pro updated 10/10/23 700 miles


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Sep 26, 2023
Henderson Nevada
I'm Pat 65 live Henderson NV 6'-1" 240 lbs riding position upright casually shopped for ebike many years then moved to NV to care for disabled mother needed way to exercise have not been on a bike any kind 30 years
I have never posted anything anywhere before hope Im posting right place
Henderson has over 180 miles off street bike paths problem was every direction requires elevation changes Think kid walking 20 miles to school uphill both ways ebike was a must.
After casual research I discovered consumer level mass produced bikes have really matured so I purchased one
My Bike mid priced cruiser style Hard tail 750w nominal 1000w max hub drive 52V 20 Ah battery 26" fat tires hydraulic 180 mm disc 42t front sprocket with shimano 7 speed cassette very low geared ghost peddling at 20-22 mph throttle only 28 mph raised handlebars 3" bought and returned several seats trying to find goldilocks seat
Quickly learned I am too old for off road paved or groomed trails %99 of my riding my off road limit is a couple hundred yards just to access groomed or paved trails
Took 3 weeks and over 400 miles to find just right set up up hill down hill no flats here
You really never know exactly what you want until you get one and work from there

What I Like
Hydraulic brakes wow what an improvement I have a lot of mass and as I said hills never adjusting a brake cable again
User programmability from display no adapter cord or app required can set Pas power % for each pas setting so I can customize power levels no manufacture knows where I ride
Half twist throttle Made it fatter with rubber tape for comfort
Shimano shifter very good and smooth
Hold - button bikes walks it self
The ability to set low voltage shut down factory was 6% way too low set at %20 for now so can restart and limp home
Range recent ride 44 miles 1,400ft in elevation changes rode the bike hard 14 mph average top speed 37.2 mph gravity only as I said hills BTW too fast for 180mm brakes bike shut down very near %20 as I had set 1 block from house restart and off I went
The ability to display voltage not percentage controller/display holds under load min voltage I find this useful
Bike is well built rattle free and adjusted properly upon arrival

What I Don't Like
Headlight is almost useless Need much more light
Rear rack could be 3" lower
Hard tail Next bike will have rear suspension
False step thru or mid step its a joke can't fit foot through there but saves the boys when off seat
%80 percent display screen is a fancy speedo really ? Voltage, watts under load are tiny itty bitty little numbers on display to the point being almost useless as I have to take eyes off road and stare at it Wattage meter time lag slow to respond to load changes
Why no meter watt hours used
Thumb shifter makes my old man thumb hurt I'll say it again hills
Front fork is a little clunky likely a thing as most manufactures appear very similar May seek upgrade when wears out

Verify customer support exists by calling and email
If you bike arrives damaged box do not accept Do not open box to ck it out return is a whole different animal than rejecting damaged shipment with the short return window my bike arrived in pristine box yet had bent front rotor
Buy your first bike try to get what you think you want ride is I mean really ride it adjust everything to your comfort then and only then will you know what you really want or need It may be you want / need 2 or more completely different bikes
A big thank you to the very knowledgeable people who post on this forum ( you know who you are) I have learned soooo much I am a tech lover and want to get the most out of what I got and with the knowledge base found here I am way ahead in the facts vrs fiction department

Updated 10/10/23 after 700 miles Developed Squeak in peddle drive train found crank set set screw a little loose lost a bolt from kickstand broke out the lock tight ck'd all other bolts no other issues no other weird sounds surprisingly good fit and assembly and hardware
Replaced front rotor arrived bent ebay $11 much easier than email chain waiting for response waiting warranty response for parts ect
Replaced front rotor arrived bent ebay $11 much easier than email chain waiting for response waiting warranty response for parts ect
This is the long and the short of it as far as e-bike warranty work goes. That's why you have to do some many things, and then nothing happens. That's the gimmick.
Just think this way,"There is no warranty. Forget about a warranty. Better to take this time and train yourself to repair the e-bike. Faster AND cheaper! Try to get a warranty battery! Anyone? See?
Yep, for bikes purchased through Amazon/Ebay, they offer an "external 2-year warranty" (for an additional cost). But, if the bike is under warranty from the vendor, you have to try to get them to provide help (and fail) before that external warranty kicks in. You must clearly document the request, and the failure before the "paid-for warranty" will do anything.
I think I would have asked Magicycle to provide the brake disc just on principal. (and bought the ebay one for the short term)

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