1. U

    Here is what I did to my Magicycle commuter bike

    Used code M60 for $60 off sale price, I live in a hilly neighborhood and can go up the steepest hill in pas 2 or 3. Most of the time pas 1 is enough and great for no effort pedaling. Sometimes I ride with no power assist pas 0. Have not tried pas 4 or 5 yet but 3 has been more than enough so...
  2. U

    Magicycle commuter spoke nipple size? Help

    HI, I ordered a magicycle commuter ebike and want to order the correct size park nipple tool before it arrives Anyone know? Thanks
  3. W

    First Ebike Impressions Magicycle cruiser pro updated 10/10/23 700 miles

    I'm Pat 65 live Henderson NV 6'-1" 240 lbs riding position upright casually shopped for ebike many years then moved to NV to care for disabled mother needed way to exercise have not been on a bike any kind 30 years I have never posted anything anywhere before hope Im posting right place...
  4. A

    Magicycle Commuter Front Disc Rotor

    Anyone else have a Magicycle Commuter? Does the 180mm rotor rub on the front fork? Mine was this way when I got it. There is no room for that size rotor inside the fork. I had to switch to a 160mm rotor to make it work. Thanks.
  5. D

    Magicycle shipping experiences?

    Did anyone have a bad experience ordering from Magicycle and shipping?
  6. C

    Brakes Magicycle Brake Upgrade

    I don't know what you're riding, but this upgrade has worked very nicely for me... I ride an older Magicycle cruiser, and you can see the specs on it here...
  7. Z

    Magicycle Deer or Serial1 Speed

    My car was recently wrecked. Some jackass ran into me. Anyway i live in dc and work downtown. i usually take the metro and use the bird scooters. I have my mind set on two bikes because they look very cool. the harley i like because no wires or anything and it's a harley so i would think it...
  8. tom1000

    Magicyle Headset Problem-please help

    I have a continuing problem with my Magicycle Cruiser Headset becoming loose after 15 to 20 miles of riding. I have attempted to resolve or get guidance from Magicycle for at least the past eight months with more than 40 emails sent and received. Magicycle sent me replacement top bearings...
  9. C

    Interesting new bike...ESUV

    This bike from Magicycle is not exactly a mountain bike and not entirely a cruiser, but it is most definitely a fat bike. If you like to keep up with new products in the wonderful world of e-biking, this one is worth a look. It is an ESUV bike (electric sport utility vehicle), a term you may...
  10. B

    How can I adjust the PAS speeds on a Magicycle?

    How can I adjust the PAS speeds on a Magicycle?
  11. B

    Feedback needed on Magicycle Ocelot

    I’m considering purchasing a Magicycle Ocelet. Does anyone know if Magicycle is a reputable company, and if the Ocelot is a good quality bike?
  12. P

    Magicycle only registering half of the actual mileage

    I have a Magicycle ebike. For some reason It is registering half of the actual mileage. I have it set at 28 in wheel.
  13. C

    What Ebike for under $2,000? Mokwheel or Magicycle

    Good morning. I am new to ebikes. I am looking for a starter bike under $2,000. I am 6’1” and weigh around 330. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes. Mokwheel or Magicycle. They both come in at the same price. I primarily getting this with the hopes of enjoying exercise and weight loss...
  14. Allen

    Does anyone have a Magicycle?

    I saw Magicycle ebike last night and want to buy one. Can anyone give me some advice about it ?
  15. C

    Excited about getting my first e-bike! - Magicycle

    Hi everyone! I have taken 4 months to carefully research the world of e-bikes, looking for the best quality and power in an affordable e-bike. I finally decided on a Magicycle, a new e-bike brand with great components. You can see them at but as soon as mine...