How can I adjust the PAS speeds on a Magicycle?

Looking for specifics on possible older or lesser Ocelot Standard for Max Speed Adjustment: Setting our older school for Ocelot Standard (which has plenty of power) . I Studied Manual and Max Speed Options: Got into "Sys" to see defaults set at dLY-3, L5-045, Pus-Y, PUS-25. Manual says after dLY-3, "press "i" to confirm and then access max speed settings". REQUEST clarification: Question: Is L5-045 the toggle for Max Speed Adjustment ????

2nd Quetion: Is PUS-25 by any change the Walk Assist level. that 6 km/h is too fast for a push button walk assist (requires a run) ... and I want to adjust speed to 3 km/h or turn that off ? Any specifics will be helpful.