Feedback needed on Magicycle Ocelot


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1:08 AM
Aug 4, 2022
I’m considering purchasing a Magicycle Ocelet. Does anyone know if Magicycle is a reputable company, and if the Ocelot is a good quality bike?
I bought one. All indications are that the company is responsive and the bike is of top quality. It should arrive here in about a week. I had many questions and their staff answered all in short order.
We are a new Magicycle dealer in Easton, PA. Late last week we received our first delivery of bikes, and so far, they are proving to be solid and well put together. We have an Ocelot with the optional 750w motor and it does get up and go. I have yet to really run the Deer model with the full suspension, but I will take one home tomorrow and go on a 25 mile ride and report back. So far, I think the Mokwheel bikes are my favorite brand under $2k, and their upcoming model is sure to be a great bike and huge seller.