Interesting new bike...ESUV


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Nov 15, 2021
This bike from Magicycle is not exactly a mountain bike and not entirely a cruiser, but it is most definitely a fat bike. If you like to keep up with new products in the wonderful world of e-biking, this one is worth a look. It is an ESUV bike (electric sport utility vehicle), a term you may have seen before in reference to automobiles. Personally, I don't see it very often yet, but the term is beginning to gain traction (no pun intended) as a reference to a hybrid multipurpose e-bike, great for use on trail and pavement. Think of it as the marriage of an EMTB and a comfortable cruiser.
The Magicycle Deer is notable as a quality bike at an economical price point. The exact price will be published in a few days...most likely well under $3000. The Deer has a 1000 peak watt motor powered by a 52 volt 1040 watt hour battery. It is a full suspension e-bike with a step-thru frame. It's not easy to find an ESUV bike with the convenience of a step-thru design, so the Deer has already secured a niche in the e-bike market. It is capable of carrying a 400 pound payload, and looks great doing it. You can keep up with the launch of this softail ESUV here:
Full-Suspension Magicycle Deer.jpg