Finally made it to the top!


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Nov 15, 2021
This long 19% grade has been a "thorn in my side" for a long time. I don't ride in this particular area very often, but every time I get anywhere near, this hill sticks it tongue out at me. I really wanted to see the view from the top.
My Magicycle Cruiser is quite a good hill-climbing machine, but 19% is no small task. The first time I tried to conquer it, I failed strictly due to rider error, upshifting when I intended to downshift. That's not good on a 19% grade and almost instantly I was going too slow for balancing. On the second try, I was handicapped by failing to put a fresh charge on my battery before leaving the house. I made about 2/3 of the climb and had to stop...bummer. But now, the nice return to warmer weather gave me a chance for a third try. And...with a freshly charged battery...success!
This year Magicycle is launching another new product, a full-suspension EMTB named the Magicycle Deer. I may have to add it to my collection.
Happy New Year to all, with best wishes for a fulfilling and prosperous year!


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