Magicyle Headset Problem-please help


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Oct 15, 2022
I have a continuing problem with my Magicycle Cruiser Headset becoming loose after 15 to 20 miles of riding. I have attempted to resolve or get guidance from Magicycle for at least the past eight months with more than 40 emails sent and received. Magicycle sent me replacement top bearings which I replaced. I also replaced the stem and applied Parks Assemble Paste with no improvement. I have watched a number of YouTube Videos and read more than a few articles on resolving loose headset with no success in fixing the issue. I have been hesitant to remove the fork assembly to inspect the lower bearing and crown race as I fear I may encounter broken parts that I will have difficulty finding replacement parts. I found that Magicycle uses a slightly non standard seat post .309 and am concerned I may find the same with the lower bearing assembly? I believe the problem is low cost loose bearings with plastic split rings supporting a heavy bike being used on mostly mild National Park trail surfaces. I would sincerely appreciate suggestions on the following:

Does anyone know if Magicycle uses standard 11/8 straight (28.6mm) tube with 44 mm cups?

I would like to replace the loose bearing set up with an integrated sealed bearing set. Is that possible and any recommendations for a beaing set?
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