Only low years working?


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7:08 AM
Jan 13, 2024
Hello, well about a week ago I was riding my e-bike in the rain because well I was on my way to work but then all of a sudden it started raining. I was going around a corner slow then for whatever reason my bike lost traction and I stacked it. Only got gashed to my skin but was fine. My bike still works but seems to have some problems. only the first few gears seem to work. when I try changing to higher gear it’s as though it’s still in low gear like it’s not changing but it works with the first few low gears. The other problem is the front wheel sounds like it’s rattling against something but if I apply the front brake the while riding the rattling sound dis until I let go of the front brake again.
From here, and without pictures there's not much chance of helping you and it sound like you are not real mechanically inclined so I would recommend a trip to the local bike shop or wherever it is you bought your e-bike if you bought it locally.