1. U

    Scott Addict eride (new) rattling battery in downtube?

    Hi Two weeks in with my Scott Addict eride 10 (2022 with the x20 motor etc) and it has a dreadful clattering rattle that I have been trying to fix. I have threaded foam etc into various apertures and around the cables etc (including around the controller where two loose unused wires were an...
  2. A

    Scott Addict ebike unable to change up

    I have a Scott Addict ebike. Everything was perfect until I came off today. I’m now unable to change up. Red and Green light work on the bars. Any ideas please.
  3. jjavaman

    83mm bottom bracket Scott Gambler what size Bafang motor?

    Hi guys, real newbie here. I want to add a Bafang 1000 watt motor to my 2008 Scott Gambler and looking at the specs it says it has a 83mm bottom bracket, the bafangs are 68, 100 or 120mm. Any idea on the size I should order?
  4. L

    Noisy bearings? Bosch motor on Scott ebike

    My Scott e bike with Bosch motor makes a noise when pedalling , it’s not the plastic chainguard , any ideas?
  5. J

    John Grinham Toowoomba Australia - Scott Sub-Active

    Just bought 2 Scott Sub-Active ebikes with Bosch mid drive motors and Purion controllers
  6. F

    Scott Addict - Garmin Edge Error 820 & 830

    Hi When connecting my Garmin to my Scott Addict 10 ebike I always get an error message on the Garmin - both 820 and 830 - that says battery in ebike is low and then it switches to "battery empty". This despite the bike showing 80% plus charge on the eride App. The error code is E255. See photo...
  7. S

    2020 Scott E-Genius EMTB

    Pretty psyched for this bike.... Wish it was a Ransom but I like the Gen 4 Bosch system and the ability to add a 500wh battery from the factory (for a total of 1130wh) is something no one else is doing. Can't wait to get my hands on one!
  8. T

    Scott E-Genius vs. Trek Powerfly LT

    Hello. I am new to the forum and e-biking generally. My experience is limited to a couple of weeks on a rented Scott e-Spark last summer. However short, the experience was great and I decided to buy an ebike for this season. I live in a mountainous region with plenty of tracks. After some...
  9. R

    Just bought a Scott e-Genius

    Well that was a surprise. I am relatively fit for my age, ride 2-3 times a week as time allows (run my own business so am not time rich!) Don't ride over the winter so each Spring has been more painful than the last, getting up to fitness again. I have been on a mtb since 1986 and never really...
  10. J

    eMTB's with Shimano Steps & External Battery - Scott, Bikesdirect, Pivot, Diamondback

    I'm trying to find all the emtb's that use this setup. So far I know that Scott, Bikesdirect, Pivot (although it's mounted internally and $$$), and Commencal use shimano steps with external battery. What other brands are options?