Working on a project innovating global e-bike sharing


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Feb 2, 2024
I am UK-based working on a project innovating global e-bike sharing and rental safety seeking interested individuals. If you frequently rent e-bikes from docking stations, I would like to speak with you to discuss ways to enhance safety standards.
I don't and I do not need to, but it's an interesting project you are involved

Absolutely, your perspective is valuable, and I respect your choice. If you have any thoughts or suggestions regarding e-bike safety, even without personal usage experience, I'd love to hear them.
here where I live I own one (superhappy about that), and when I travel... well, actually I could consider hiring an ebike. One thing I could suggest is to install a GPS locator for those going to remote locations (mountains, etc.) not served by the phone network, in case of an emergency. I always bring one with me in case of an accident.
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No details, no info and yet people reply LOL

If you are genuine why no detail, contact, location ?
Sorry, but it doesn't work like that. First, there is nothing laughable about my posts. Second, the burden of proof always falls on the person making an assumption.

Actually, the very fact that he did not specify the name of a company - until now - rules out the possibility that it is spam . When he will, then we'll talk about it.

However, be a little more respectful of others, please. Many of us wish to use the forum to inform ourselves, in a calm and respectful atmosphere. Thanks for your understanding.
I have updated my knowledge as of January 2022 regarding popular electric bike sharing companies in the USA where you can rent an ebike without purchasing one, Here's a list of some of these companies:

1. Rad Power Bikes
2. Specialized Turbo
3. Trek Electric Bikes
4. Juiced Bikes
5. Aventon
6. Gazelle Bikes
7. Pedego Electric Bikes
8. Bulls Bikes
9. Riese & Müller
10. Haibike

I hope this information is helpful to you. Let me know if you need any further assistance.