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Mar 5, 2021
Longview, WA.
Recently I came across an ad on Amazon's store when looking for "mid drive" ebikes. The posting was for a AddMotor "motan M-5600 which was being offered for sale by AddMotor themselves for $3099.00. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Addmotor-M-5...sprefix=addmotor+motan+m-5600,aps,124&sr=8-18

If you read their ad you will soon find that this is an exceptional price for this bike. It was so reasonably priced I actually contact the AddMotor company to question the price. Within a day I had a response to my inquiry. KK from their sales team stated they had reduced their price on Amazon and their site for this bike as a promotion. They reduced their price from $3399.00, which is a great price if you look at the specs of this bike. I was impressed by their speedy response and answer.

Further investigation found that this company has been in the E-Bike business since 2011 a very long time for this industry. They sell a large selection of e-bikes unlike some other newcomers to this market. I looked up several YouTube reviews on this Motan M-5600 and found very positive reviews.

I still am on the ledge not ready to invest this much in a e-bike at this point but keep coming back to the value this M-5600 brings to the table. Searching further on their site I came across the accessory listings. I found something I had been looking for, RED reflective rim stips for my all black Himiway All Terrain. So I ordered them, cost around $15.00 USD shipped free from Southern California.

This purchase is what has me posting this report. The item came in a few days which is what Im had expected. What I didn't expect was the level of professional package and branding on the such a small purchase. I will attach a picture of the packaging. This has given me the confidence in this company to jump and buy one of their bikes. It no something I have seen in the e-bike industry and believe me I spend a lot of time looking at all things e-bikes these days.

So to sum up, if you are considering an e-bike purchase I encourage you to check with AddMotor.com before making a purchase.


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