1. A

    Looking for a bit more power on an ADD Motors ebike...

    Looking for a bit more power after replacing all of ADD Motors electronics. I've got a 12 volt headlight a dual trumpet air horn
  2. J

    Sold FOR SALE: AddMotor E-Bike (M-550) - Accessories Included!

    I have a AddMotor E-Bike (M-550) available for sale as I recently purchased a different model. If you're interested in more detailed information, please visit the AddMotor website. To make things convenient for you, I have included a picture of the bike. This amazing bike comes with various...
  3. E

    First folding trike from Addmotor

    Announcing tomorrow alongside their new trike transmission:
  4. E

    Addmotor teases new Etrike differential/drive!!! Will this be our next trike???

    If they release a Soletri/Herotri version; I may just place an order for one of these sight unseen as well...
  5. K

    addmotor m66r7 for sale

    Addmotor m66r7 for sale. I only have 10 miles on it and it is in new condition. It is Yellow and I'm asking $1,500.00 for it. You can go to Addmotor web site and see all the info on it. I have a cover, helmet and mirrors for it also. The bike is in Cumming Ga. Text or call me at 586-764-7488
  6. K

    Addmotor build

    Hello all, I'm kinda new here and I'm hoping to find some information to help me with my project. I bought an Addmotor M80 from OfferUp . Local deal. It was a little beat up and I overpaid but I do love it. 26x4 is awesome for urban cruising and quite a bit more. I got it with a decent...
  7. Striker

    New from Minnesota

    New here. Here's my ride! Addmotor GrandTan Plus. It's not snowy now! More to learn. Striker
  8. E

    Soletri M366X trike on the way;

    I just plunked down $3k for this new and yet to be released Addmotor trike after finding no reviews for it whatsoever for weeks. On the way to penning this thread, I find this: Addmotor Soletri & Herotri Preview (New M365 & M366 series)
  9. D

    Need user's manual for addmotor m560 p7

    Does anyone know where I can get one or can anyone please send pictures of what the settings are for and should be my throttle doesn't work and wondering if I have the settings all screwed up in the display screen or if there is actually a issue with the throttle it self
  10. C

    AddMotor M360 semi incumbent trike opinions?

    Does anyone own an AddMotor M360 semi incumbent trike. If you do how do you like it. Is it dependable easy to service, build quality, quality of parts stuff like that. Or AddMotor in general do they make good quality e-bikes? Is add motor a good company customer service? I have been researching...
  11. E

    How to reset Addmotor Citypro E43 trip meter to zero?

    On my E-43 I am trying to reset the trip meter to “0”. The manual says to hold the power button and down button at the same time. This does not work. All this does is put it in walk mode. Anybody have any ideas how to reset the trip meter?
  12. CloneWerks

    Addmotor's "reflective rim tape" is pretty wild!

    Got the reflective rim tape installed, now my rims are giant reflectors. The tape lives up to the hype about being stupidly bright when light shines on it. Now to see how it holds up over time. Will report back in intervals. Just the rim tape and then with light shining on it
  13. CloneWerks

    Addmotor Motan M-560 P7 Review

    NOTE: I have added/updated some information. Look for the EDIT: sections below. A bit of background to set the stage for this review. I was a long-time, pretty serious, distance biker who got older, had several very involved surgeries, and was out-of-commission for roughly 8 years. During...
  14. CloneWerks


    Old Fat Guy here who was all but disabled after three serious surgeries. I'd pretty much given up on being able to ride after it took nearly 8 years to fully heal and feel good again. Then I got introduced to eBikes and realized that would get me over the initial hump and re-enable cycling for...
  15. K

    Rebuild Addmotor M80

    I recently bought an Addmotor M80 ebike. It has a barfang 750w hub motor and a generic looking controller as well as a battery that looks like it came from a less than reputable builder. Anyhow, I kinda like the overbuilt frame so I'm thinking of giving this beast a new life. Dose anyone have...
  16. Hoggdoc

    Positive Information about AddMotor Company

    Recently I came across an ad on Amazon's store when looking for "mid drive" ebikes. The posting was for a AddMotor "motan M-5600 which was being offered for sale by AddMotor themselves for $3099.00. Here is the link...
  17. J

    Hitch mounted carrier for heavy delta trike - Addmotor M-350

    Looking for advice on a hitch mounted carrier for my Addmotor M-350, weighing 98 lbs. I'm handicapped and need something that could be winched on the rack. Most mobility carriers aren't wide or long enough. Any suggestions?