Aventon Level


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7:33 PM
Jun 12, 2022
Washington State
I've purchased a new Aventon Level. That said... I'm already looking to make it better. I've found I'm not fond of the five level Pass System, and cadence system. Aventon definitely could have executed this better for very little additional cost. So, I'll get rid of the existing controller and LCD and replace it with something I have more control over, and possibly a torque sensor, we'll see. I've begun researching and soaking up what others have done along this line, but realized I don't know where the controller is located. Can't be tearing into it just yet, as it's going back in the shop for bad brake issues first. Only a month old and need to work warranty issues before i mess with it. Anyway, can anyone tell me if the controller is located above or below the battery in the down tube ?
It is in the down tube above the crank. I switched my original set because I disliked the power after pedal jolt. I also wanted to interface with my phone. I changed it out myself. Just make sure you diagram or photo the routing. All said I like the new setup. Should have came that way. Should have integrated lights. The color display is nice but hard to read in sunlight. I don't know when you would ever use the dim function (unless at night)? It also scratches easy and the font is too small. It is hard to read when you're rolling and wearing shades.