Haibike, bosch, yamaha battery risk - Magnetic pickup can short out battery


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Apr 3, 2023
Hi all,
Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has come across this issue with the major manufacturers lithium battery packs...
I have a Haibike flyon and have 2 batteries so one can be charged at work and the other at home, this model has a magnetic pick up on the connection so easy to plug in..however it also means that it picks up any metal object nearby . this happened to mine and a staple found its way in and shorted the battery.
So its out of warranty, next step contact haibike and see if any advice on repairing it ...no help.
found a repair specialist who has advised that the battery is 100% ok but the manufacturer has put a code/block on the BMS ( Battery management system) making them unusable.
It seems this is also the case with Bosch batteries, yamaha and the newer Giant brand.
I even contacted the battery designer and manufacturer in Germany BMZ who just referred me back to Haibike.
I would have thought having bought the battery its my property to use and repair as I want to, especially as the world's resources are depleting, the manufacturers seem to just want us to buy new ones.
Surely this can't be right.....
Make an effort to tell as many people as you can. This has been a problem with many brands for several years, yet folks still sing their praises. You either buy an expensive battery, pay an expensive service charge, or buy a bike that avoids such "features".