1. K

    Yamaha Controller Display update?

    Hola. I'm running a 2000 Haibike w/ the Yamaha PW-X2 and Display A. Anyone ever update that POS to a B, C or X display? Thanks for any input.
  2. kevlee

    Parting out yamaha cross connect

    I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to inform you that I am currently in the process of parting out my Yamaha Cross Connect. While most components are in good condition, I am facing a slight issue with the battery that I believe can be easily rectified. The main problem lies...
  3. A

    Power assist keeps cutting out on Giant Trance (Yamaha motor)

    I've just bought a Giant Trance X Advanced 2022 with a Yamaha engine. On my first trip I found the power assist kept cutting out at very inopportune moments (e.g. when climbing). This happened about 10-12 times during a 3 hour ride. When this happened a single red LED appeared on the display...
  4. T

    Yamaha ebike motor: Chain seems to skip on the forward sprocket.

    We bought an MBK (Motobecane) ebike for my wife. It has a Yamaha motor on it. It's European spec, so PAS only. Whenever I start pedaling on it, it seems like the chain is slipping off the motor sprocket for maybe a half turn of the crank, and then the motor kicks in and it smooths out. Every...
  5. E

    Replace speed sensor Giant Yamaha SyncDrive Pro with a magnetic switch

    Hola, are you tired of buying and replacing the speed sensor or the cable of your ebike? In my case it was the second time it got broken and I decided to replace it for something much cheaper. A magnetic switch (less than 10 $) that works exactly the same as the original one which is very...

    Yamaha PWX to PWX 2 …bolt in swap ?…

    Has anyone tried this conversion from PWX to a PWX2 motor and does it just built in ?. I have a 2019 HAIBIKE ALMTN 2 that I want to upgrade . YAMAHA PWX2 motor part number needed from a 2020 ALMTN 2 would be helpful if anyone has done this ?
  7. B

    yamaha ebike display

    Hi Guys ive had my ebike since 2016 , i use it mostly when i go away on my motorhome , my problem is that ive lost the display unit , i cant seem to find a replacement online ,any help ? the bike is a haibush
  8. Sweettrade

    Used Yamaha Crosscore RC

    Looking at a used Crosscore rc for a low price. 600. Seller has manuals key etc but the charger is broken, ie ran over somehow!?!?! Battery has half charge or so and it has a flat. Says it runs great... what do i look for on it. Never had a mid drive just hub motors. Seems like a great deal...
  9. Smaug

    Yamaha is celebrating 30 years in eBikes!

    https://global.yamaha-motor.com/business/e-bike-systems/30th/ (and prototyping started even before that, in 1989!) The trick is finding them for sale stateside.
  10. T

    Giant xplore Yamaha in a monsoon

    Hi I’ve just driven through the worst rain I’ve ever experienced with my bike on the back of my motorhome , unfortunately uncovered. It now switches on shows every icon in the display but then immediately switches off Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve spoken with the dealer who said it has...
  11. Smaug

    Yamaha Motoroid

    Well isn't THIS funky?! https://electrek.co/2023/10/11/yamaha-motoroid-2-self-balancing-electric-motorcycle/
  12. "A"

    Yamaha Y-01W AWD & Y-00Z MTB

  13. Cheraw Rambler

    Yamaha Sycdrive Core

    Quick question for anyone with the yamaha syncdrive motor. Is it normal to have play in the crankarms when you try to wiggle them back and forth? If you wiggle one crank arm, the other side moves laterally as well If an acoustic bike had this much play it would be time for a new bottom bracket.
  14. T

    Yamaha 11Ah 400Wh Battery Sitting for 2-3 Years

    Hi, brand new to the forum. I have an almost new (use wise) Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0 that has the 11Ah 400Wh battery on it. When I got it I rode it a few times and was loving it, but I injured my back and had to have surgery, so it sat in the garage without really any thought till now. My surgeon...
  15. N

    Yamaha controller range flashing - Haibike hardnine 7

    Hi I’m new to e-bikes ,I have just got Haibike hardnine 7 very pleased with it up until now, was out riding now problems then all of a sudden power assist stopped and the range started flashing on the controller , walk assist works but nothing else , if any one can help it would be much...
  16. Smaug

    Yamaha Neo eScooter

    Although not an eMoped, it seems like it will compete against eMopeds from a performance standpoint: https://electrek.co/2022/09/09/yamaha-e-vino-electric-scooter-boosting-its-tiny-range/ Being a Yamaha, it will likely cost more than the Chinese-made eMopeds, but without providing any more...
  17. M

    Haibike, bosch, yamaha battery risk - Magnetic pickup can short out battery

    Hi all, Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has come across this issue with the major manufacturers lithium battery packs... I have a Haibike flyon and have 2 batteries so one can be charged at work and the other at home, this model has a magnetic pick up on the connection so easy...
  18. Str1kez

    Centerdrive motor making wierd sounds?

    Hi I recently got a new e-bike, and just recently noticed that the motor is making a lot of noise when pedalling backwards. I don't know if it is normal for this motor to sound like this, or i should contact Yamaha through my Local Bike Shop? Anyone else who have had this issue, if so, how did...
  19. G

    Wanted - Yamaha Urban Rush (pw se) skid plate

    Im looking for a skid plate for a Yamaha Urban Rush/Wabash/Civante I think they all have the same motor mounts (pw se motor). Need some help, much appreciated!
  20. wheelbender6

    2023 Yamaha B01 New Super Cool Electric Moped Unveil!

    New Yamaha fat tire e-bike to be released in 2023. I'm not a fat tire bike guy, but this looks pretty cool.