1. Cheraw Rambler

    Yamaha Sycdrive Core

    Quick question for anyone with the yamaha syncdrive motor. Is it normal to have play in the crankarms when you try to wiggle them back and forth? If you wiggle one crank arm, the other side moves laterally as well If an acoustic bike had this much play it would be time for a new bottom bracket.
  2. T

    Yamaha 11Ah 400Wh Battery Sitting for 2-3 Years

    Hi, brand new to the forum. I have an almost new (use wise) Haibike SDuro Cross 4.0 that has the 11Ah 400Wh battery on it. When I got it I rode it a few times and was loving it, but I injured my back and had to have surgery, so it sat in the garage without really any thought till now. My surgeon...
  3. N

    Yamaha controller range flashing

    Hi I’m new to e-bikes ,I have just got Haibike hardnine 7 very pleased with it up until now, was out riding now problems then all of a sudden power assist stopped and the range started flashing on the controller , walk assist works but nothing else , if any one can help it would be much...
  4. Smaug

    Yamaha Neo eScooter

    Although not an eMoped, it seems like it will compete against eMopeds from a performance standpoint: https://electrek.co/2022/09/09/yamaha-e-vino-electric-scooter-boosting-its-tiny-range/ Being a Yamaha, it will likely cost more than the Chinese-made eMopeds, but without providing any more...
  5. M

    Haibike, bosch, yamaha battery risk - Magnetic pickup can short out battery

    Hi all, Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has come across this issue with the major manufacturers lithium battery packs... I have a Haibike flyon and have 2 batteries so one can be charged at work and the other at home, this model has a magnetic pick up on the connection so easy...
  6. Str1kez

    Centerdrive motor making wierd sounds?

    Hi I recently got a new e-bike, and just recently noticed that the motor is making a lot of noise when pedalling backwards. I don't know if it is normal for this motor to sound like this, or i should contact Yamaha through my Local Bike Shop? Anyone else who have had this issue, if so, how did...
  7. G

    Wanted - Yamaha Urban Rush (pw se) skid plate

    Im looking for a skid plate for a Yamaha Urban Rush/Wabash/Civante I think they all have the same motor mounts (pw se motor). Need some help, much appreciated!
  8. wheelbender6

    2023 Yamaha B01 New Super Cool Electric Moped Unveil!

    New Yamaha fat tire e-bike to be released in 2023. I'm not a fat tire bike guy, but this looks pretty cool.
  9. Angelus

    Hi from IL, Yamaha Cross Connects

    My wife and I recently purchased Yamaha Cross Connects! Both of us are longtime cycling enthusiasts and are hoping that this new technology will extend our enjoyment even further.
  10. B

    2017 Haibike Yamaha

    Individuals report problems with the way e-power is integrated into their pedaling motion. I have the subject hardtail and to me the power delivery is smooth. Am I insensitive? What have others discovered with their Yamaha systems?
  11. R

    Maybe Yamaha ebike motors should be more popular?

    I only have 3 years on mountain bikes and fatbikes. I am new to Ebikes. Last dec. i bought a HT Haibike 2017 new (unsold) with Yamaha PW 250, 500 Wh and from what i read it has the best range for distance, the best range for gears(20S). I see Specialized, Shimano and now Bosch investing million$...
  12. H

    Yamaha PW-SE with Strava measures rider power

    Yamha BLE setting CCP, paired from IOS start settings page. The rider’s weighted average power, average power, and peak power is displayed. My commute home today weighted average power 144 watts; peak 406. Headwind with 100 percent assist, so I was working harder than usual for my evening...
  13. H

    Gearing for Yamaha PW-SE

    My Haibike SDURO, 27.5x2.2 tires came with single 38 tooth chainring and 11x42 cassette. This wasn’t ideal for climbing on steep grades over 10 percent, so I’ve switched to a 34 tooth RaceFace narrow-wide chainring which is about ideal for me - no need to go lower as I can now climb short...
  14. N

    Bosch or Yamaha mid drive

    Which do you like?
  15. T

    Yamaha introduces ebike line up

    Guessing Kawasaki and Honda will be joining soon. https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/y...ssist-bicycles