Haibike ebike query.....


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9:13 PM
Oct 30, 2023
Hope that someone can shed some light on this one.....
2018 Haibike full seven LT. Bosch gen 3 motor. I have noticed that I am struggling to get up steep climbs when using low gears, and EMTB mode.
I have swopped bikes with my wife (Haibike hard7 Yamaha motor) and it climbs the same slope with a lot less effort.
There seems to be a lot of drag when I put the bike in the lower gears on the bike work stand, and wonder if this is part of the problem.
The chain line in the lower gears is really poor, noticeably if you look from the front, the chain is being almost kinked by the idler gear.
The whole drive train is almost new (chain, cassete, front chainring and idler gear) so I am confident that is as good as it can be.
Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a solution please? As I really like the bike, but this is starting to get to me!!
Thanks in advance for any input.....