How to replace drivetrain control unit on Haibike full seven rx xduro


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Nov 2, 2023
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Hi guys, I have an older Haibike full seven rx xduro that I love. Unfortunately something in the drivetrain control unit is busted and the pedal assist doesn’t work. Took it to a bike shop that said I’d be better off buying a new bike but I was hoping someone has some info on how to replace the whole unit with a new one. Happy to get my hands dirty, just looking for some guidance. Thanks!
Custom work, involving proprietary parts which may very well be unobtainable.

Most of these have motors which will not work with anyone else's controller, and they do not make theirs anymore. Your choices are used, recovery parts from broken similar bikes, replacing motor AND controller AND likely battery, or just get a new one.

This is what you paid for, and this is what you told your ebike maker was OK with you.
Alas you'll need to see if the motor brand on the bike has a replacement controller available.

It almost looks like the "M" series of Bafang motor but I couldn't tell.

If you can't find the right replacement controller you could research replacing the motor/controller.

Are you sure the "drivetrain component" is busted? Often the PAS sensor breaks or there is a wire that is broken. These are much easier to repair/replace.
Sorry for the delay, I just joined and then saw your question. Orcasprout is likely spot on about the PAS sensor. If you ride dirt the PAS sensor can be vulnerable.

Check the sensor on the rear wheel spoke, the pickup on the swingarm and then also follow its wire back to the motor. See if the wire is loose or broken, like its been snagged.

This is a bike with a Bosch Generation 2 motor. Inside the left-side plastic cover, the motor face has four small plug-ins. The PAS sensor terminal plugs into the third one back from the front one. If you have to get this far into this repair the hardest part is pulling off the ISIS-mount crankarms - you will need a special puller and a spacer rod that goes through the hollow crank. with the left-side crankarm removed the side and bottom plastic covers are just held on with T10-T12 torx screws. You don't necessarily have to remove the right-side crankarm or cover.

If you have to replace the Bosch PAS sensor (or the Intuvia controller) they are available online. Chck eb*y or an online company in Italy called Ridewill (they ship fast)


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