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    Haibike Overstock

    Talking to a friend who owns a local e-bike shop and he said that Haibike has some great deals. Yamaha mid-drive equipped hardtails and FS for as low as $1000 and $2000, respectively.
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    Max tire size-Haibike FatSix

    I know this might be a long shot question but wondering if anyone has tried to fit a Vee Snowshoe 2XL into the frame of a Haibike FatSix hardtail or even the FullFat suspension bike? Hoping I might get lucky and find an answer. Thanks. Bill
  3. Haibike-Xduro-All-Mountain-RX-2.jpg


  4. 2016 650b Haibike Nduro RX.jpg

    2016 650b Haibike Nduro RX.jpg

  5. Haibike Full FatSix.jpg

    Haibike Full FatSix.jpg

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    Haibike Cross SL wider tires for trail use

    After getting my Haibike Hybrid style bike, I found myself in this first 500 miles of use doing 90 % street riding but 10% trail. The tires that come with the bike, Schwalbe "Smart Sam" 700 x 40c are pretty narrow at 40mm or 1.57 inches. The knobs on this tire are also very small little...
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    Haibike vs Bulls?

    Been out of the biking scene for 13 years so specking out a bike isn't easy. I think I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes. https://www.haibikeusa.com/xduro-allmtn-2-0-4597.html https://www.bullsbikesusa.com/e-stream-evo-45-am.html Both are around $5000 but 2 different motors. I really want a...
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    Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX Review

    I had the opportunity to ride the Haibike Xduro All Mtn in Colorado a few months ago. It was my first time riding an ebike on trails (all though I have since ridden a few more for work) and it was a blast. Normally a 40 mile ride with 5k worth of climbing would have been a big day for me, but...