Yamaha PWX to PWX 2 …bolt in swap ?…

    Has anyone tried this conversion from PWX to a PWX2 motor and does it just built in ?. I have a 2019 HAIBIKE ALMTN 2 that I want to upgrade . YAMAHA PWX2 motor part number needed from a 2020 ALMTN 2 would be helpful if anyone has done this ?
  2. kevinhill515

    How to replace drivetrain control unit on Haibike full seven rx xduro

    Hi guys, I have an older Haibike full seven rx xduro that I love. Unfortunately something in the drivetrain control unit is busted and the pedal assist doesn’t work. Took it to a bike shop that said I’d be better off buying a new bike but I was hoping someone has some info on how to replace the...
  3. W

    Haibike ebike query.....

    Hope that someone can shed some light on this one..... 2018 Haibike full seven LT. Bosch gen 3 motor. I have noticed that I am struggling to get up steep climbs when using low gears, and EMTB mode. I have swopped bikes with my wife (Haibike hard7 Yamaha motor) and it climbs the same slope with a...
  4. N

    Yamaha controller range flashing - Haibike hardnine 7

    Hi I’m new to e-bikes ,I have just got Haibike hardnine 7 very pleased with it up until now, was out riding now problems then all of a sudden power assist stopped and the range started flashing on the controller , walk assist works but nothing else , if any one can help it would be much...
  5. M

    Haibike Trekker 3.0 battery cuts out

    Hi, everyone I am looking for some advice as my wife's 2019 Haibike Trekker 3.0 (Bosch motor and power tube) has got an issue where it loses power and the display says no battery. The Speedo disappears. It's a lovely bike so I am reluctant to trade it in but I don't know how bad the problem is...
  6. M

    Haibike, bosch, yamaha battery risk - Magnetic pickup can short out battery

    Hi all, Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has come across this issue with the major manufacturers lithium battery packs... I have a Haibike flyon and have 2 batteries so one can be charged at work and the other at home, this model has a magnetic pick up on the connection so easy...
  7. T


    UNICORN ALERT !!! RIDDEN 5 TIMES ONLY!! NEVER IN RAIN OR MUD! Selling my HAIBIKE ALLMOUNTAIN 5 in PERFECT CONDITION! LITERALLY NOT A SINGLE SCRATCH OR FLAW ON THE BIKE! TOO MUCH TAVEL FOR ME AT THE AGE OF 61 - so, oh well, my loss and your gain! Willing to lose some money but lets all be...
  8. H

    For sale:E-Bike Haibike ALLMTN CF12 Carbon Hybrid new model 2022

    The 2022 Haibike AllMtn CF 12 is a top-equipped e-Fully for performance-oriented riders who are looking for a versatile bike that can climb uphill and is simply fun to ride downhill. The sporty Yamaha PW-X2 motor ensures a natural riding feel and offers enough range for long rides with its 600...
  9. T

    Haibike alltrail 4

    Hi all does any 1 have an all trail 4 in small?
  10. K

    Haibike Allmtn 7

    Haibike Allmtn 7 Large in black , 189 miles as new condition looking £4200
  11. S

    Haibike fullseven 4

    Just bought the haibike, wondering about washing it , if I soak the bike with a hose pipe is it ok for the water to go into the battery compartment?? Or do I just try to seal it when washing it.
  12. R

    Haibike 7.0 Nduro Xduro in Reno, Nevada

    Fully loaded and fully suspension high-end Xduro, large frame. Yamaha 500 watt motor. Bought in SoCal from E-trails as a used shop bike with 2100 miles. They went through it stem to stern, complete new gear set and chain ring, updated brakes. Owned it about two years and I've added besides new...
  13. D


    Fantastic go anywhere bike! Fits up to 5’10”. Tannus Armour. Low miles. $4000. Available early September. No shipping. SW Wisconsin area.
  14. B

    2017 Haibike Yamaha

    Individuals report problems with the way e-power is integrated into their pedaling motion. I have the subject hardtail and to me the power delivery is smooth. Am I insensitive? What have others discovered with their Yamaha systems?
  15. R

    Opinions on Haibike Full Seven 9.0?

    Looking at maybe buying one as my first ebike and right now they are one sale for $4300. Bad idea? Good idea? Should I be looking at something else? Thanks
  16. N

    Haibike Flyon

    Don't know if this was posted previous https://www.haibike.com/en/INT/flyon/bikes
  17. R

    Haibike Sduro HardSeven 6.0 E-Mountain Bike Feedback

    https://www.lacordee.com/en/cycling/haibike-sduro-hardseven-6-0-e-mountain-bike I just came across that bike while looking online. It is my size, the only 1 left going at 50% discount from a good shop in my area. I guess it might be a 2018 but more likely a 2017. If i buy it will i have a like...
  18. N

    Haibike Xduro HardSeven 6.0 eBike Review

    Haibike is a German manufacturer, (despite their Chinese sounding name) that started out making non-E MTBs but they have progressed heavily into eBikes. AFAIK, they currently run either Bosch or Yamaha systems, no Shimano or others. Prior to 2018, an "Sduro" indicated Yamaha, and an "Xduro"...
  19. TreEspolon

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed - Haibike, Dost, Sondors, Giant, Magnum, Juiced...

    I keep learning about more and more ebikes, watching review videos, reading posts in this subreddit, and perusing ebr.com and am having trouble making any definitive decisions.. A few examples: Haibike sduro trekking. Dost kope. Mid drive + throttle Sondors mxs. Giant ebike. Juiced ccx...
  20. B

    Haibike Overstock

    Talking to a friend who owns a local e-bike shop and he said that Haibike has some great deals. Yamaha mid-drive equipped hardtails and FS for as low as $1000 and $2000, respectively.