Haibike Trekker 3.0 battery cuts out


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8:13 AM
May 1, 2023
Hi, everyone I am looking for some advice as my wife's 2019 Haibike Trekker 3.0 (Bosch motor and power tube) has got an issue where it loses power and the display says no battery. The Speedo disappears.
It's a lovely bike so I am reluctant to trade it in but I don't know how bad the problem is.
I was just trying to get a feel for what kind of issue it might be. The local eBike service centre want to charge £30 to even look at it...
Anyone had a similar problem? It's out of warranty so no chance of a manufacturer fix.
Many thanks in advance.


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3:13 AM
May 30, 2023
It did this once and never came back? Or, only on Tuesdays if your left elbow is pointed East? What if anything triggers this event, how often?

Assuming it comes and goes, what do you do to make it work again, move your elbow, wait till thursday, charge it, what?

If you just charged it and it only goes a short distance, (you describing all this would be MOST helpful), depending on the distance, also how the bike has been used, charged, and stored, you will very likely be IMPRESSED with the cost of "Genuine Bosch" parts. Battery will be several times what it should be and you may be forced to use the same brand.

Or you could have a loose wire.