1. CrossRoads

    bafang bbshd vs shimano vs bosch reliability survey

    So the real high-end fully-built cargo e-bikes, such as the urban arrow, the extracycle bikes, yuba... all come with either the shimano or the bosch mid-drives. I have been told by every salesperson that they are "the best". Of course i can't help but notice these mid-drives are HALF, (perhaps...
  2. F

    Cube Kathmandu engine mounting bolts loose

    Kathmandu with Bosch performance line cx motor and mounting bolts are coming loose every 100km. Tried locktite and 25NM torque to no avail. last ride battery error 610 & 640 appeared, but problem was loose engine bolts causing motor to flex and disrupt connections. Every time i remove the...
  3. Davidguest

    Hello i want to know if i can install a badassbox 4 on my bosch ebike

    Hello i want to know if i can install a badassbox 4 on my bosch ebike. The motor i have is a bosch 3rd generation performance line drive unit version I want to know if i run the risk of getting errors like error 504 and others from the anti tuning measure that bosch has implemented. The...
  4. pagheca

    Bosch algorithm?

    Hi All, I would like to understand what algorithm Bosch uses to calculate how much power to provide in different situations and what inputs it relies on. I imagine that the motor reads (at least) 1) the torque applied on the pedals, 2) the setting (eco, tour, etc...), 3) the speed of the bike...
  5. I

    Bosch Purion dead pixels

    Hello community. I have a problem with the display of my electric bike, a Haibike Sduro Hardnine 4.0 2019. The display is a Bosch Purion, and as you can see from the pictures, after I turn it off, a few pixels remain lit on my display. After I turn it on, they turn off, but they are no longer...
  6. mikethebike

    Bosch charger( replacement 3 pin plug )

    Hi Guys , Just found my Bosch charger 3 pin plug(which connects to the bike) has been chewed by my 12 month old Pup :cry: The charger itself is in tact Is there anywhere I can buy just the plug without forking out £70 for a new complete charger ? Hoping someone will be able to help.
  7. R

    Bosch CX controller and Amps

    Does anyone know how many Ampere the controller on the Bosch CX 4.gen draws at max? (250 watt nominal if that matters)
  8. M

    Haibike, bosch, yamaha battery risk - Magnetic pickup can short out battery

    Hi all, Just putting this out there to see if anyone else has come across this issue with the major manufacturers lithium battery packs... I have a Haibike flyon and have 2 batteries so one can be charged at work and the other at home, this model has a magnetic pick up on the connection so easy...
  9. S

    Bosch Intuvia 100 Smart System - how to set clock time?

    I have a 2023 Gazelle Grenoble with the Smart System Intuvia 100 display and the led remote, and all i want to do is set the current time on the display. I can get as far as showing the set time in 24-hour format with either the hour or the minute flashing, but then I'm stuck. How do I...
  10. F

    Bosch motor whirs briefly when changing gear

    Hi, any advice on Bosch gen 2 active line recent problem. When I change down gear the motor whirs quickly for a second or so then resumes normal operation. This has just started happening and otherwise the bike is fine. Is it a failed sensor and is it easy fix? thanks
  11. H

    Strange display results - Bosch Purion Display

    out today on a ride on full battery purion display at start of the ride range = 58 miles at 22 miles half way and range been steadily increasing not reducing on the didplay also return journey mph was displaying roughly double the speed of the mph on my garmin. Back home and the Purion Display...
  12. P

    Fault code 500 Bosch active line plus

    Bought a Cannondale neo road bike second hand (18kgs) 2x 10 speed , and all going well. Lately is is giving the alarm code 500. If I set off on the bike, I feel the motor assisting, if I stop pedaling and start again, it does not come back on. If I come to a stop and start pedaling again it...
  13. K

    Bosch gen4 5 gates 130bcd spiner

    Best, I have a bike with a Bosch speed gen4 middle motor, Enviolo manual shifter and a gates belt. At this moment the belt drive sprocket are: rear 22t and front 55t. Four gated spider at the front. I wanna change the gear ratio. The 22t is the smallest sprocket for a Enviolo gear system. Only...
  14. S

    KTM Macina bosch performanceline CX 2016

    just got this machine KTM Macina 2016 model bosch performanceline CX witha bosch 500 powerpack, it is "very tired" all functions work off/eco/tour/sport/turbo I find I can move the pedal crank up and down 4mm so new bearings I think where in UK is the best place to supply bearings ? and is...
  15. thedeathprojects

    Bosch CX Gen4 issue

    Hey all! So I have a Mondraker Crafty RR-T with the Gen4 CX Performance Line motor and installed the Speedbox mod...worked fine until today...after about 2 miles it went into "normal" mode as I hit a wall at about 14mpg....or less? And it says "Drive unit error - manipulation detection..." So...
  16. S

    Help with Bosch Powertube 500 on/off switch

    Bosch Powertube 500 help - I have a Bosch Powertube 500 that is missing the on/off switch and circuit that inputs into the battery display. See photo. Anyone know where I can purchase this or get a replacement? Thanks for the help!
  17. G

    Bosch Dual Battery Status change

    Hello Folks, I had not used my eBike (Riesse and Mueller Load 75 w/dual battery, Bosch PowerPack 500s w/ intuvia control), in a few weeks. I plugged it in to charge it and fried the charger. After ordering a new charger, I noticed that the battery status had changed on the Intuvia...
  18. B

    connecting a phone to bosch control unit

    Hi, I use Google Maps to navigate (I get hopelessly lost in London). To maintain the battery in my phone I used to plug it into the Bosch control unit's usb micro (b) port. This arrangement worked well until I changed my phone which has a newer usb C fitting. I obtained a new usb b to usb c...
  19. pkc55

    Bosch Powerpack 400 battery or charger issue (solid green light on battery)

    Hi, I have the Bosch Powerpack 400 which was working fine. I recently take it out from the frame to charge it. However, the battery light stays in 3 bars solid green (no flashing) without turning off at all. I put the battery back to the frame and now the bike display is not even turning on. I...
  20. R

    Bosch e-Bike Lock

    I have bought the Bosch e-Bike Lock for Nyon. But I hesitate to activate it because I cant find information on what happens if my Nyon unit malfunctions, is lost or destroyed and I have to replace it. Does anybody have experience to share? Can it be disabled in the app and then associated with a...