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    How to order a Bosch Motor for an eCargo build?

    I looking into having an e cargo bike built, what's the best/cheapest way to get a new 2020 Bosch cargo motor and batteries? Is there a good site to use? Sorry, I'm new to all of this. Thanks!
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    Bosch intuvia display stuck (hidden screw prevents sliding off)

    Just a quick note that on some Bosch intuvia displays the manufacturer fits a security screw underneath. It was a Torx screw on my bike and can be accessed once you remove the 2 handle bar clamps. I could not get the display off my lapierre Overvolt, and thought something must be off...
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    Bosch brings ABS to e-bikes

    Bosch brings ABS to e-bikes According to two studies conducted by Bosch Accident Research, e-bike accidents could be reduced by up to 25 percent if the bikes were equipped with anti-lock braking systems. It shouldn't come as a surprise, therefore, that Bosch eBike Systems has responded by...
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    Anyone here selling bosch ebikes?

    Looking for someone in North America who works in a shop with access to the Bosch IBD software. Anyone? Please drop me a PM.
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    Hello! Oh ... and Serious Cube Bosch E-bike problems with Hybrid CROSS PRO 400

    I have read these forums for years an they have been a great help for me in selecting bikes. Thanks to everyone!! So what made me finally post? Well .... I've been an E-bike user for the last five years. I regularly travel over 5K every year - almost exclusively on gravel/dirt roads. I have...
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    Thoughts on my new Cube e-bike with Bosch motor.

    Normally l ride a 2016 Foxy R, but we bought a Cube e-bike for my wife so she would come out on some of my rides. (We tried but it's very hilly round here and the climbs defeated her) Of course, l had to test the bike to make sure it was set up properly....first l tried a road ride. In the UK...
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    Bosch or Yamaha mid drive

    Which do you like?