Fiido X v2 opinion

Rick Shaw

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6:35 PM
Jul 22, 2023
ottawa, ON

Juist checking if there are any opinions here about the Fiido X v2 model folding ebike.

I am in the market for a light foldable ebike and this one seems to fit the bill. Apparently there were initial defects that the company seems to have resolved.

Any othere suggestions for a light folding ebike wouldf be appreciated.

I don't think I like the battery in the seat tube. That eliminates a lot of options for a suspension seatpost.

Two that I CAN recommend are:
  • Lectric XP Lite. Really nice little bike and not too heavy, at 46 lbs. If you have to climb a lot of hills, that's the only downside, since it's a single speed, you won't be helping the motor much.
  • Ride1Up Portola. This is more competition for the Fiido you picture. Ride1Up is a respected company. I picked it over the well-established Lectric XP 3.0 because it's a bit lighter at 59 lbs. and has a lower low gear. It also has a high enough high gear to pedal at 25 mph, but it's not as secure for city use as the Lectrics. Lectric needs the key for ignition (instead of just battery removal) as well as locking the battery into the frame with it and not having a quick-release front wheel.
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