Carbo Model X - The World's Lightest Electric Bike


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2:33 AM
Apr 29, 2022
Carbo seems like a relative newcomer to the e-bike world. Their "the world's lightest foldable e-bike" title is what drew me to purchase a Model X initially, after a few months of riding it out I ordered another one for my wife. I am honestly impressed with the quality and performance, the customer service response time could use some improvement but I understand the delay considering their newcomer status, I believe they're tweaking it out as their communication is lovely but the response time is a bit long for my taste.

All in all, the experience has been encouraging and satisfying, the bike has a cool design and is super fun to ride, also worth noting is that it is easy to assemble and maintain, especially if you go for the model x with the belt drive and the hydraulic brakes.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Hope you're enjoying your ride. 13.3kg is quite light indeed for an ebike.