Feeling a bit overwhelmed - Haibike, Dost, Sondors, Giant, Magnum, Juiced...


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Aug 10, 2020
I keep learning about more and more ebikes, watching review videos, reading posts in this subreddit, and perusing ebr.com and am having trouble making any definitive decisions.. A few examples:

Haibike sduro trekking.

Dost kope. Mid drive + throttle

Sondors mxs.

Giant ebike.

Juiced ccx.

Ride1up lmt'd and 700 series.

Himiway cruiser. Seems like a good balance between commuter and a lil trail riding.

Specialized ebike on-sale for $2200.


I'm 6'4", live in AZ, and want a big ebike I can commute with but would love the option to take it off road. Learned a lot about the mid-drive vs hub motor debate, though have only ridden a mid drive so far. One of my local bike stores let me test drive a similar haibike listed above, it was really fun and smooth and felt like something I could definitely get around on with ease.

My reading has led me to decide to go test ride a magnum peak or other such rear hub motor at a different bike shop. I plan to pedal most of the time while riding, but I like the idea of a throttle and if I ran out if power I want to still be able to pedal home on my own power.

I also don't know how I feel about having to remember to downshift when coming to a stop with a mid drive. I've seen that some mid drives have an auto power cutoff when shifting to protect the chain and what-not. I like that there's maintenance plans that come with the bike and would feel good being able to bring the bike into the store I bought it from for repairs.

If I do decide to go with a geared hub drive then I really like the juiced ccx, i love the range it claims and the high speed capability.. i see that ride1up has some options with similar specs but for $500+ less. I wish I could test drive em before committing to buy, and don't anticipate enjoying any kind of customer support without local assistance. Certain models have less estimated time to recieve the bike as well, I'd like to order and receive my bike sooner than later.

What ebike should I buy? Are there any other bikes in this range that I should consider? I want to spend less than $3000 but don't want to sacrifice quality for a few hundred dollars in savings.

Any insight into my decision making process is greatly appreciated.