1. B

    Giant Full-E+0 Impressions

    Giant was doing a Demo Tour in my area, so I thought I would try out one of their Full-E bikes. This is the model I rode for about an hour or so: A bit about me: In my late 40's, 255 lbs (plus hydration back), and not in very good shape at...
  2. F

    Giant eMTB

    Saw the brand new hardtail with Yamaha mid-drive at my LBS today. They had resisted eMTB's until now, but the current flat sales curve for MTB's may have precipitated this action. Nicely finished hardtail for $3000.
  3. Giant LaFree E+ 1.jpg

    Giant LaFree E+ 1.jpg

  4. giant explore E-3.jpg

    giant explore E-3.jpg

  5. A

    Giant LaFree E+ 1

    Love my Giant LaFree E+ 1. It has a carbon belt, no chain, mid drive, easy shifting, hydraulic brakes and low maintenance. It cost $2,499 and there are Giant dealers everywhere. I ride on the road and bike and hike trails. So much fun! It’s a Class 1 up to 20mph. The Yamaha motor is considered...
  6. H

    My first ebike - giant explore E-3

    Hello! My first ebike ,cost me a kidney :) but love it especially when talking about hills here in Lancaster pa, some tips?
  7. Shamcc1985

    Hi there - Giant Talon 1 Bafang 750W

    Owner of a carrera Vulcan ebike and giant talon 1 2020model with bafang 750 mid drive
  8. B

    Factory ebike vs TSDZ2 or BBSHD on my Giant ATX?

    Hi, So, how should I get into ebiking? Would it be best to convert my Giant ATX (size large) or buy a factory bike? In each case, what kit / what bike would I get? I have my eye on the TSDZ2, but it seems like the BBSHD is most popular. I know I definitely want a pedelec instead of an electric...
  9. N

    Giant Twist Lite controller

    Hello everybody, I have a Giant Twist Lite that is not turning on from time to time. I rides fine, never cutsout and shows no error, but once in while it refuses to turn on. After pressing the on button the leds turn on for a second and turn off, it will not resposnd after that. The only...
  10. D

    problems with giant twist double

    hi all maybe someone here can shed some light on my e-bike issue? I live in the Netherlands, and we all know that Holland is mainly bike users, anyway to cut to the chase of my problem that I am experiencing... I have a giant twist double from the build year of 2012... the one with two...
  11. ebikesforum

    Giant Suede-E eBike Review

    ebikesforum submitted a new resource: Giant Suede E eBike Review Read more about this resource...
  12. ebikesforum

    Giant Suede E eBike Manual

    Here's the pdf manual for the Giant Suede E Electric Bike. Enjoy!
  13. lemi

    9Ah battery for Giant Twists

    Someone told me that Giant were bringing out a 9Ah battery for their Twist range, in place of the current 6.5Ah one. Does anyone know whether this is available yet, where I might get one and how it it costs?
  14. R

    Giant lafree e-trans pedals 'stuck'?

    Hi, My Giant e-trans (SLA powered) pedals seem to be stuck when i ride the bike. This was a slow proces, at first it seems there was more 'friction' when i rode, but overtime it got worse, and now the pedals won't even go round anymore. I tried putting lubricant everywhere but that doesn't...
  15. R

    Giant LAFree Sport Problems

    Hi, I'm new to this group. I've searched the message archives but haven't found anything related to my problems so thus this post. I have a Giant LAFree Sport. When you turn it on, it just beeps twice and all 5 (or sometimes just 1) of the LED light in the 'dashboard' blink on and off...
  16. R

    My Giant Lafree Twist Lite is for sale

    Selling reluctantly due to now living in a flat with nowhere to store my beloved Lafree.... eBay item number 160149486078
  17. R

    Speed bypass on Giant Suede-E ebike

    Hi. Am new to this group, but I notice from my initial browse that commuting to/from work on e-bikes are a common thread...great. I have a Giant Suede-e, three LAfree Sports and the venerable LAfree Lite. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get around the speed limiter on the Suede-E. I...
  18. R

    Giant Suede-E Speed Limiter

    Hopefully someone can help. Has anyone heard of a "hack" to override the speed limiter on the ebikes motor?