1. J

    Giant FastRoad E+ 1 Pro Electric Bike ride control bracket

    Hi Does anyone know if there are instructions on how to replace a ride control bracket on a Giant FastRoad E+ 1 Pro Electric Bike. I've tried to search on the web but nothing available for a FastRoad E+ 1 Pro Electric Bike. Any assistance would be really appreciated Many thanks
  2. A

    Power assist keeps cutting out on Giant Trance (Yamaha motor)

    I've just bought a Giant Trance X Advanced 2022 with a Yamaha engine. On my first trip I found the power assist kept cutting out at very inopportune moments (e.g. when climbing). This happened about 10-12 times during a 3 hour ride. When this happened a single red LED appeared on the display...
  3. E

    Replace speed sensor Giant Yamaha SyncDrive Pro with a magnetic switch

    Hola, are you tired of buying and replacing the speed sensor or the cable of your ebike? In my case it was the second time it got broken and I decided to replace it for something much cheaper. A magnetic switch (less than 10 $) that works exactly the same as the original one which is very...
  4. Marais

    Battery Giant EnergyPack Li-ion 500 Wh - - 6con/3pin other solutions?

    I have a Giant Entour+ 2020. = Very happy with it. Don't use the electric assist that much, especially on flat ground. BUT For hills, it is useful. As I rode over 7000 kilometers in two years, I am now targeting 100 k+ rides. Even with minimal assistance, the battery will go only 70...
  5. T

    Giant xplore Yamaha in a monsoon

    Hi I’ve just driven through the worst rain I’ve ever experienced with my bike on the back of my motorhome , unfortunately uncovered. It now switches on shows every icon in the display but then immediately switches off Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve spoken with the dealer who said it has...
  6. B

    Wanted Looking for a GIANT Service Tool Key

    Hello, I am looking for a GIANT Service Tool Key. Any offers welcome bitbo
  7. S

    2008 Giant SuedeE - too old to fix?

    Even with a new battery I can get only 11 mph with full throttle on my 2008 Giant SuedeE electric bike. So something else is not working. My concern is even with a new battery the bike may be too old to get back up to speed (the battery people said it ought to go up to 17mph). Any suggestions?
  8. URHR

    Fast custom ebike, back in the saddle, my first post here

    Hi Guys, After a couple of years of working from home, I'm again riding into work. I have a Giant Fastroad e+2, with the following mods: Giant Contact SLR aero drop bars Ritchey Comp Stem Shimano 105 groupset 80mm deep full carbon front wheel Full carbon disk rear wheel Continental GP5000...
  9. U

    Is it feasible to add a front hub motor to a Giant Lafree?

    Is it feasible to add a front hub motor to a Giant Lafree (For use with throttle only and isolated from the mid drive.) I have a 2018 Giant Lafree. It's great, but there are times where I'm feeling really lazy and don't want to pedal at all. I've read there's no way to add a throttle to it, so...
  10. AnthonyDevon

    Giant 2017 Full-e help

    Hi, after years of faultless commuter riding I put my battery in this morning and the screen flashes on for a second but then switches off. Battery button says battery full and I think I've done the battery diagnostic right and it appears ok. Can anyone shed light on what this might be? I'm...
  11. DSal

    Help Buying New Ebike

    Hello! I'm looking for some guidance and suggest as to which ebike I should buy. I'm male, 5'9 and roughly 220 lbs. I'm looking for an ebike that will mostly be roads/commute. Some trails would be nice, but won't be the reason for buying. I would like a powerful ebike, maybe even with throttle...
  12. J

    My Giant MTB eBike Build

    I posted an introduction but specifically this is my bike. I have a KHS Zaca I planned on making into an eBike last year about May, it's a 29er but when I saw a used, ridden only once 2020 Giant Talon 3 for $500, I bought it. I think new it would have been only about $50 or $75 more but it...
  13. R

    Proud new Giant Stance Owner

    Hi, I have just bought a Giant Stance E Bike Went for my first run on it today, just 10 miles, I am going to love it
  14. 2

    NEW EBIKE - Giant Anthem 4.0 with BBSHD

    just built a ebike bbshd with a ASI bac 855 controller on a GIANT ANTHEM 4.0 goes really well FROM COLCHESTER UK
  15. I

    Giant Service tool key

    Hello! Don't you know the program and login for Giant service tool key? If I am not a merchant, does this not work?
  16. G

    Giant Biker

    Hallo, Mijn naam is Peter en ik kom uit enschede, nederland ben een man die werkt in de beveiliging en ben 57 jaar oud en in het trotse bezit van een Giant Ease-e.
  17. zalle

    Blinking display on 2018 Giant

    Hello guys, I own a 2018 Giant E-Full, and it's been great, till now... The display is blinking. I can't start it. I put the battery on, and the display shows GIANT them turns off, and on, and off, and it keeps going. I took it to the bike shop, they can't connect it and ordered power cable...
  18. zalle

    2018 Giant E-Full

    Hi guys, I'm from Portugal, I own a 2018 full-E since new, and it's been a blast.
  19. T

    Giant Fathom E+3 ridecontrol

    Hello! I am having problems with my Giant E bike. The ridecontrol stopped working all of a sudden. I have ridecontrol one ant+ and the button to change modes up doesn’t work. Any help? Tried contacting giant…
  20. M

    Battery Giant roam xr

    Hello. I need help repairing a gaint roam xr battery. After restoring the battery, there is no charge. The charge of the battery (cans) is 34V, but the output from the BMS board is only 30V (contacts to the engine). At the same time, when I put a load on the output from the BMS, the voltage...