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  1. C

    Giant fall -e 2015 wiring

    Hello I’m struggling with my Ebike at the moment my original motor broke so I’ve purchased one from eBay I’ve connected it all up but the display wires are different colours to the ones what come from the motor I’m wondering if anyone could help me put it together would be much appreciated...
  2. R

    Giant 500Wh battery retail price?

    I might buy a used 2019 Giant. If i need to replace the battery how much will it be?
  3. F

    Giant Trance E+ Pro Review

    First ride on this beast was at Fair hill md. We did alot of climbs on our 15 mile loop & I had a huge smile the whole time. The bike has 5 power levels, I ran it on #2 90% of the time. This setting had plenty of power. Fox suspension Was great, need a little more air in the rear. First time...
  4. B

    Drag through the motor of my giant trance E+1pro

    Hi all, I purchased a giant trance e+1 pro a few months ago. It felt great when I rode it without the motor on i.e. just like a normal bike couldn't feel any drag through the motor at all. It feels awesome riding with the motor on as well. my wife got the liv which has the same motor and battery...
  5. T

    Giant Trance e+ 2 Charger Problems

    I'm new to this community, excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong thread. I just got a Giant Trance E+ 2 pro E-Mtb. It's my first E-mtb after about 35 years of "standard" MTBs. I love it. I have one problem with the battery charger manual. The charger's leds do not work as described. The main one...
  6. N

    Twist freedom no power

    Hi folks help needed Giant twist freedom Cs hybrid twin 26v battery press on button on ride control unit all that comes on is the left battery light but no battery level indicator batterys full checked wiring from handle bar control to driver unit all ok put in to giant Liverpool because they...
  7. B

    Giant Full-E+0 Impressions

    Giant was doing a Demo Tour in my area, so I thought I would try out one of their Full-E bikes. This is the model I rode for about an hour or so: A bit about me: In my late 40's, 255 lbs (plus hydration back), and not in very good shape at...
  8. B

    Giant eMTB

    Saw the brand new hardtail with Yamaha mid-drive at my LBS today. They had resisted eMTB's until now, but the current flat sales curve for MTB's may have precipitated this action. Nicely finished hardtail for $3000.
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    giant explore E-3.jpg

  11. A

    Giant LaFree E+ 1

    Love my Giant LaFree E+ 1. It has a carbon belt, no chain, mid drive, easy shifting, hydraulic brakes and low maintenance. It cost $2,499 and there are Giant dealers everywhere. I ride on the road and bike and hike trails. So much fun! It’s a Class 1 up to 20mph. The Yamaha motor is considered...
  12. H

    My first ebike - giant explore E-3

    Hello! My first ebike ,cost me a kidney :) but love it especially when talking about hills here in Lancaster pa, some tips?
  13. Shamcc1985

    Hi there - Giant Talon 1 Bafang 750W

    Owner of a carrera Vulcan ebike and giant talon 1 2020model with bafang 750 mid drive
  14. B

    Factory ebike vs TSDZ2 or BBSHD on my Giant ATX?

    Hi, So, how should I get into ebiking? Would it be best to convert my Giant ATX (size large) or buy a factory bike? In each case, what kit / what bike would I get? I have my eye on the TSDZ2, but it seems like the BBSHD is most popular. I know I definitely want a pedelec instead of an electric...
  15. N

    Giant Twist Lite controller

    Hello everybody, I have a Giant Twist Lite that is not turning on from time to time. I rides fine, never cutsout and shows no error, but once in while it refuses to turn on. After pressing the on button the leds turn on for a second and turn off, it will not resposnd after that. The only...
  16. D

    problems with giant twist double

    hi all maybe someone here can shed some light on my e-bike issue? I live in the Netherlands, and we all know that Holland is mainly bike users, anyway to cut to the chase of my problem that I am experiencing... I have a giant twist double from the build year of 2012... the one with two...
  17. ebikesforum

    Giant Suede-E eBike Review

    ebikesforum submitted a new resource: Giant Suede E eBike Review Read more about this resource...
  18. ebikesforum

    Giant Suede E eBike Manual

    Here's the pdf manual for the Giant Suede E Electric Bike. Enjoy!
  19. lemi

    9Ah battery for Giant Twists

    Someone told me that Giant were bringing out a 9Ah battery for their Twist range, in place of the current 6.5Ah one. Does anyone know whether this is available yet, where I might get one and how it it costs?
  20. R

    Giant lafree e-trans pedals 'stuck'?

    Hi, My Giant e-trans (SLA powered) pedals seem to be stuck when i ride the bike. This was a slow proces, at first it seems there was more 'friction' when i rode, but overtime it got worse, and now the pedals won't even go round anymore. I tried putting lubricant everywhere but that doesn't...