1. DSal

    Help Buying New Ebike

    Hello! I'm looking for some guidance and suggest as to which ebike I should buy. I'm male, 5'9 and roughly 220 lbs. I'm looking for an ebike that will mostly be roads/commute. Some trails would be nice, but won't be the reason for buying. I would like a powerful ebike, maybe even with throttle...
  2. Slliider

    Juiced CrossCurrent S2 - Passenger Footpegs/Rests

    I installed a cargo rack/back seat. Now I'm looking to install foot pegs / rests. I see there is wiring coming thru the axel bolt so I'm not sure about typical axel mount pegs, also the frame rectangular as opposed tube so I'm questioning the "pinch mount" frame pegs / foot rests. Has anyone...
  3. Smaug

    Juiced closeout eMopeds

    (no affiliation with Juiced) These look like well-made mopeds. I recall reviews saying so as well. All their bikes have free shipping and the packaging looks like it would even stand up to United Parcel Smashers. Here's what they have on sale right now. I'm weakening; might just throw one on...
  4. D

    Battery mount solution - 2020 Juiced Ripcurrent S

    I have a 2020 Juiced Ripcurrent S and am wanting to buy another 52v 19.2ah battery of theirs that's on sale for $499 until tomorrow. I'd like to get one for both backup and for another build to be used on a Specialized Roll low entry with a BBSHD. Problem is the battery doesn't have a flat...
  5. R

    Ride1Up Core5 versus Juiced Crosscurrent S2

    Hi you all, first time poster here. I'm looking into buying my first e-bike real soon, and I've narrowed it down to the Ride1Up Core 5 and Juiced Crosscurrent S. I've read many reviews and I think these two bikes offer the most value for the money. The most important things to me in a e-bike are...
  6. L

    Need Charger for Juiced Bikes G2 52V 19.2A Battery

    Hello, Can anyone please suggest a 4amp battery charger with the proper connector that will work with the juiced bikes G2 52V 19.2Ah battery. Please supply a link to the charger or name with details of the charger. The one on Juiced site is out of stock. I need 2 chargers
  7. L

    Charger for Juiced Bikes G2 52V 19.2A Battery?

    Hello, Can anyone please suggest a 4amp battery charger with the proper connector that will work with the juiced bikes G2 52V 19.2Ah battery. Please supply a link to the charger or name with details of the charger. The one on Juiced site is out of stock. I need 2 chargers
  8. DorianZarvos

    Selling my Juiced Scorpion

    Like new condition, not very used. I put some accessories on it like turn signals, horn/alarm, phone mount, aftermarket kickstand. I put about $180 into it. It comes with the bike, the battery, the stock charger, and a $80 8W fast charger.
  9. P

    Repair Juiced Cadence/Torque Sensor??

    I have a 2021 Juiced Ripcurrent S with the rear hub mounted cadence/torque sensor. I damaged the "little pad" on the sensor. The pad is supposed to be the cadence sensor. My pad is scuffed just like the one in the image from the Juiced website. See pic. The remedy from Juiced tech...
  10. J

    Help Juiced Newbie Here

    The charge screen shows Battery Low. When I turn the battery on the LEDS go Low to High and back to Low. The bike runs fine. The charger light shows green all the time. It doesn't turn orange/red to indicate its charging. Just green. Had on charger 5 hours. Still shows LOW on battery indicator...
  11. Mike1125biking

    New juiced Ripcurrent

    How do you tighten the lcd display?
  12. J

    Need to replace front forks on Juiced Scorpion

    I have a juiced scorpion and I need to replace the front forks. We’re can I find a replacement?
  13. S

    2020 Juiced HyperScorpion for sale

    This is a Juiced HperScorpion ebike in very good condition. Everything works as it should and has only 715 miles. The HyperScorpion has a 1000watt motor with 30mph+ top speed and range of 70 miles. The 52v battery/19.2ah battery is in excellent condition. Features: dual disc brakes, full...
  14. C

    Cracked front fender - Juiced Cross Current X

    Hi, I have a cross current x by juiced. My front fender cracked where it is attached. I got a new one. Anyone know how to keep that from happening to my new one?
  15. CMD130

    Hi from sunny SoCal - Juiced RipCurrent S Step Through

    I live in Tustin Ranch CA and just purchased a Juiced RipCurrent S Step through.
  16. CMD130

    No pedal resistance - Juiced RipCurrent S

    Hello, I have a brand new RipCurrent S step through. Just finished assembling it yesterday. The throttle response is great, but when I pedal, there is no resistance; the pedals don't work. I doubt that the bike is broken in some way, so what is it I need to do to get the pedals to engage?
  17. Smithston

    Juiced Crosscurrent X vs Ride1UP 700 series?

    Which one?
  18. B

    Can't find a juiced controller

    Hello I'm new (green) to the ebike trend and forum but I just recently bought a juiced ebike a 48 volt cross current and u cannot find a controller compatable to the juiced controller except for the juiced website of coarse in which case they want $199.00 U.S. for it and not only that the 48...
  19. Z

    Juiced Ripcurrent S Electric Fat Tire Adventure EBike

    Does anyone ride a Juiced Ripcurrent S Efatty? I'm looking into getting one. Any reviews would be great, thanks!
  20. TreEspolon

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed - Haibike, Dost, Sondors, Giant, Magnum, Juiced...

    I keep learning about more and more ebikes, watching review videos, reading posts in this subreddit, and perusing ebr.com and am having trouble making any definitive decisions.. A few examples: Haibike sduro trekking. Dost kope. Mid drive + throttle Sondors mxs. Giant ebike. Juiced ccx...