1. H

    3 prong magnum Ui5 display

    Hello, I know very little about electric bikes, but I'm trying to help my mother-in-law replace the display shown in these pictures. Everything I can find online seems to be a single cord, but this one has three cords and I can't seem to locate one. The display works but she can't really push...
  2. A

    newbie with electrical problem - Magnum Cosmo S

    Hi from New Zealand, I am new to ebike and have had a near new Magnum Cosmo S for two weeks. Love it and all was fine until a few days ago. Display and motor will only turn on when I put the battery in. To turn the motor off I have to take the battery out (the thumb throttle works even though...
  3. R

    For Sale Magnum Premium Foldable Ebike

    2021 model - Magnum Premium Ebike - $1250. We bought this new in September 21’ for $2,050. GREAT for RVers. Perfect for commuters, apartment dwellers and frequent travelers. Low mileage! Located in Grand Haven, MI . Pick up only. The Magnum Premium Low Step Folding Bike has a powerful 500w...
  4. M

    Magnum Pathfinder charging issues

    Having difficulties charging my Magnum Pathfinder battery and lining up pins. Light always stays green
  5. C

    Upgrading my Magnum Cruiser

    has anyone in this forum ever changed a 500w motor on a magnum cruiser to a 750w? How difficult was it to change or upgrade. Do I need a new controller.
  6. K

    2021 magnum scout ebike advanced menu?

    Does anyone know the code to get into the advanced mode for a 2021 magnum scout ebike?
  7. M

    Magnum Peak 29

    My bike has around 4K miles on it. I have ridden for three years. Very impressed with quality and how rugged it is and how well it is made. I am at the point of needing to replace the gear sets. Any suggestions out there for best quality replacements and chains?
  8. S

    How do you turn the lights on - on the Magnum Navigator X?

    How do you turn the lights on - on the Magnum Navigator X?
  9. D

    NH Magnum Scout

    Hi all. Just picked up a new Magnum scout. Not a lot of information on these bikes as they are fairly new. Hoping to learn more and get tips on these bike for upgrades
  10. TreEspolon

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed - Haibike, Dost, Sondors, Giant, Magnum, Juiced...

    I keep learning about more and more ebikes, watching review videos, reading posts in this subreddit, and perusing and am having trouble making any definitive decisions.. A few examples: Haibike sduro trekking. Dost kope. Mid drive + throttle Sondors mxs. Giant ebike. Juiced ccx...
  11. A

    Does the Magnum Mi5 Ebike turn into a regular bike if you leave the battery in the car?

    Hello, I live in the bay area and I am interested in getting an ebike, something like the Magnum Mi5. Sad to hear e bikes are regulated and not allowed in preserves and national forrests. So obviously I would just leave the battery in the car and the bike would be really heavy but still usable...