1. dhdallas

    Sondors is closed ??

    If you have a Sondors bike, you need to read this article from Electrek about Sondors going out of business. If any Sondors owners need any specific replacement parts you better get them quick...
  2. T

    Controller or motor malfunctioning on Sondors ebike?

    I own a 2014 Sondors ebike. Custom 36-volt battery. BaFang 350 watt hub motor. After market controller (KT36 36V/48V 20A). When I bought a new 36 volt battery last year. It worked for about a month before I noticed a loud scratchy squawking sound, during takeoffs. I checked, and the controller...
  3. M

    Sondors Fold XS

    Does anyone know what controller the Sondors Fold XS uses? I think that after 4000 miles, my controller is showing signs of failure. Power to both pedal assist and throttle will stop, then after a while will start up again. This is happening with some frequency now. Thanks for your help!
  4. M

    Sondors Assist & Pedal Difficulty

    Hello. I have a Sondors ebike with 7 gears and 5 assist levels (0-5). I leave my bike in a middle gear all the time. I ride it at assist level 0 much of the time, but I may use pedal assist levels 1-4 when I get to hills. If I use level 3 or 4 for example, and have reached the top of the...
  5. T

    Need New Controller for Customized Sondors Dirt Machine

    I own a 2014 Sondors ebike. Custom 36-volt battery. BaFang 350 watt motor. After market controller (KT36 36V/48V 20A). When I bought a new 36 volt battery last year. It worked so well, it cooked the controller, after about a month of riding in sand/dirt. I need a beefier controller. Probably...
  6. R

    Looking for a trunk mount rack

    WE have 2 Sondor's Smart Step bikes that weigh 65# each. We are looking for a way to transport them with our Toyota Highlander. We can fold one and get it in the cargo area attached to a piece of plywood. I'm looking for a rack to carry the other bike. We have a hitch we would sometimes like to...
  7. "A"

    SONDORS unveils MetaBeast 50 mph e-bike and 75 mph electric trail bike.

    SONDORS unveils MetaBeast 50 mph e-bike and 75 mph electric trail bike
  8. S

    Sondors Step Ebike Horn Not Working

    Hi, I bought a Sondors Smart Step Electric Bike from Costco a few weeks back. It came with a rechargeable headlamp connected to a horn. The headlamp is charged but the horn connected to it does not work. It worked in the beginning. Did anyone experience this issue? Could not find a button or...
  9. biknut

    My Sondors Fatty

    This my Sondors Fatty 48v, 30ah, 35 amp controller, 750w, 7 speed. I bought this bike is 2015 when Storm Sondors offered them on his first extremely successful Indigogo campagin for $694 shipped. Stock it was single speed, 350w, 36v, 15 amp controller, with 8.8ah bottle battery. Back then most...
  10. vets4vets

    Sondors X Front Suspension

    SondorsX after market front suspension that would fit, The wait time from sondors is 6months wait time Any help be appreciated. Thank you
  11. M

    Sondors Fold XS vs Aventon SINCH

    Besides the design, what is the different between those two bikes? Which one has a better review, and why? Thank you. Mathieu
  12. dhdallas

    Sondors MadMods 1st Ride

    I just got back from a 20+ mile ride and it was great. It is all flat here in Florida so you are either constantly pedaling or using the throttle. I was fighting a headwind so I had the pedal assist at 4 & 5 and still was only 1 bar down on the battery gauge at the end. Grant at customer service...
  13. A

    Sondors mxs front fork rebound adjustment not working?

    so all of a sudden the front rebound adjustment on my 300 miles sondors mxs wont work. Some times it turns all the way both directions but mostly only goes 1 click one way then maybe 2 opposite way. Its not on lockout. Still squishy. It happened all of a sudden one random day while i was...
  14. A

    sondors mxs 25 amp controller,throttle and screen for sale.

    I have a November of 2019 sondors mxs 25 amp controller,thumb throttle and lcd screen. All looks new still. No wires cut. Plug in installation for similar bikes and or plugs. Less than 300 miles on screen odo. Perfect working order. Upgraded mine to 35 amp. 250 obo plus shipping. I think new is...
  15. S

    Sondors ebike review on the beach

    Had a great day at my sister in law’s out at the Hollister Ranch today surfing, riding and hanging out on the beach. They have quite a few different type of ebikes for the ranch, but the sondors efats are their dedicated beach bikes. I have been on these before, but not on the beach or in sand...
  16. TreEspolon

    Feeling a bit overwhelmed - Haibike, Dost, Sondors, Giant, Magnum, Juiced...

    I keep learning about more and more ebikes, watching review videos, reading posts in this subreddit, and perusing and am having trouble making any definitive decisions.. A few examples: Haibike sduro trekking. Dost kope. Mid drive + throttle Sondors mxs. Giant ebike. Juiced ccx...
  17. J

    Sondors E Fat Bike - The budget electric fat bike

    Sondor's electric fat bike, too good to be true or a good base to build on? Sondors eBike Now Available for Pre-Order Looks like this bike may be a good starter bike to build on. Price is cheap considering your getting the bike and all the electronics. The bike has a large following. This is...
  18. B

    Sondors X as first ebike?

    Hey everyone, new to the group and looking to buy my first bike. Debating if the Sondors X is a good bike. Looking for something easy to transport and has enough power to take me up some hills and a distance of atleast 20 miles. Can anyone that owns one of these or something similar help me out...
  19. K

    Social distancing with our Sondors Smart Step ebikes

    Practicing social distancing on the Florida keys with our Sondors Steps. So much fun, feels like it should be illegal!