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    Sondors ebike review on the beach

    Had a great day at my sister in law’s out at the Hollister Ranch today surfing, riding and hanging out on the beach. They have quite a few different type of ebikes for the ranch, but the sondors efats are their dedicated beach bikes. I have been on these before, but not on the beach or in sand...
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    Sondors E Fat Bike - The budget electric fat bike

    Sondor's electric fat bike, too good to be true or a good base to build on? Sondors eBike Now Available for Pre-Order Looks like this bike may be a good starter bike to build on. Price is cheap considering your getting the bike and all the electronics. The bike has a large following. This is...
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    Sondors X as first ebike?

    Hey everyone, new to the group and looking to buy my first bike. Debating if the Sondors X is a good bike. Looking for something easy to transport and has enough power to take me up some hills and a distance of atleast 20 miles. Can anyone that owns one of these or something similar help me out...
  4. Sondors Smart Step ebike.jpg

    Sondors Smart Step ebike.jpg

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    Social distancing with our Sondors Smart Step ebikes

    Practicing social distancing on the Florida keys with our Sondors Steps. So much fun, feels like it should be illegal!