Sondors Assist & Pedal Difficulty


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Jun 26, 2023
san diego
Hello. I have a Sondors ebike with 7 gears and 5 assist levels (0-5). I leave my bike in a middle gear all the time. I ride it at assist level 0 much of the time, but I may use pedal assist levels 1-4 when I get to hills. If I use level 3 or 4 for example, and have reached the top of the hill where it is flat or a decline starts, I move the levels down again. Because on a flat surface or going down hill I do not need pedal assist. However, the pedal assist does not seem to reset. I have to pedal as if I am still going up a hill, even when I am on a flat or decline surface. In this situation, I have returned the pedal assist to a 1 or 2 level for example, and I can barely pedal even though I am on a flat plane. It is as if pedal assist does not recognize that I have turned it down and am no longer going uphill.

I have found that when in this situation, if I stop pedaling for a few moments, and let the bike glide, the pedal assist seems to reset itself. And within a few moments I can pedal in a normal way, like I could before I used pedal assist. I have two friends with the same type of bike, and they have the same issue. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Most of the time problems with pas can be traced to the magnet disk being to far from the sensor. The disk can be moved by hand. Move it as close to the sensor as possible without actually touching.
Magnet Disk pas.jpg