Sondors Step Ebike Horn Not Working

Steve Van Dyke

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1:33 AM
Nov 12, 2022
Hi, I bought a Sondors Smart Step Electric Bike from Costco a few weeks back. It came with a rechargeable headlamp connected to a horn.

The headlamp is charged but the horn connected to it does not work. It worked in the beginning. Did anyone experience this issue? Could not find a button or control - they did not have instructions for the headlamp in the package!


Called Sondors to request a replacement. They said they would call back. The strap on headlight and horn do not come with manuals. Too bad such an awesome bike has such a lousy accessory.
Email them about the replacement. I have the same bike (bought mine “ReCycled”, arrived in great shape apart from one thing) and I needed a new brake lever. Rear lever was cracked fully in half on arrival so I couldn’t ride the bike until this was resolved. An email and about 3-4 replies back and forth and a new lever was in the mail like the next day. Showed up within the week. No issues since. Good luck!