1. J

    New Lectric Ebike

    Got an email today......new Lectric ebike being introduced. https://lectricebikes.com/products/xpress-high-step-ebike
  2. lectricna

    LECTRIC XP 3.0 ebike Error code 021

    Hi, I'm getting Error code 021 on my lectric ebike display with 0 speed on the display. all settings: Error 021 showing up after few seconds Please advise Thanks Adam
  3. A

    Lectric 3.0 bike bag recommendations for rear rack?

    Hello. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a bike bag that will work well on the rear rack of a Lectric XP 3? I've tried multiple bags, both with velcro attachments and the plastic clip-in fasteners. These "normal" size bike bags don't seem to want to work well because of the width of...
  4. L

    Lectric One

    Has anyone purchased the new Lectric One? It looks similar to the XP3, but with many different features. It has a belt drive opposed to a chain! It has a gear box in the pedal area which can be configured to ‘automatic’! When you stop pedaling it changes gears according to your speed and...
  5. Electric rides

    For Sale Lectric XPremium Electric Bicycle

    DETAILS Condition Used - Good Brand Lectric 5 Pedal Assist Modes, as well as pure throttle. Dual battery set-up which allows for about the longest range on the market (100 miles, depending on mode) and top speed of 28 mph. General wear, but it is cared for well. Quite the size also, but folds up...
  6. wntrhwk68

    Lectric XP rear hub upgrade

    Hello, has anyone upgraded the rear hub on an Lectric XP? I see hubs on Ebay and Amazon from 750-1000w, 48v. Just curious what I would need to look for as far as compatability. Also, can I swap out my 20x4" tires for 20x3" while keeping the same rim? Thx for the help.
  7. T

    Lectric XPeak - How do you like it?

    Has anyone received their Lectric XPeak bike yet and if so how do you like it? Thinking strongly about getting one. Thanks.
  8. C

    My original light must be plugged in for display to work, ie so the bike turns on.

    I have an Lectric XP 3.0 ... my problem is if my light isn't plugged into the wiring harness I get a error code 808. The display won't work till I plug in the light. My problem and thought is that if you damage your light while riding or transporting your bike you will need to replace it to use...
  9. U

    Lextric XP 3.0 - Using non Lectric Display?

    I want to know if anyone has changed out the display to a regular non Lectric branded M5 and if so how did it go and what were the differences?
  10. S

    Lectric Ebike XPeak

    Hi All, Still trying to decide on an ebike. I am really liking the Lectric XPeak Step thru.....great price and specs. One thing not sure of is it has an integrated battery. What are your thoughts on this?? Thx!!
  11. Rambo_Of_PA

    New Lectric sale going on.....

    for anyone looking for this type of eBike.... https://lectricebikes.com/collections/xp-lite-series?
  12. D

    Lectric xp 2.0 battery

    My Battery will not charge and will not load. The voltage is 40.5vdc. When I apply a 20ohm load the voltage goes to zero and it produces zero amps. Any suggestions on repairing it would be helpful. Thanks
  13. C

    New controller offered by Lectric for the xp 3.0

    Has anyone got the new controller offered by Lectric for the XP 3.0? If so how was installation? Also do you like the power profiles the new controller provides?
  14. N

    Compatible Lectric 3.0 hydraulic brake pads like factory type D pads

    Would appreciate a little advice. Riding the Lectric 3.0 step-through model with the new hydraulic brake system that first began shipping in July. Time for new pads (because I live in a hilly area) but Lectric is out of stock on their Type D pads for the 3.0 and won't ship more until the first...
  15. Papa K

    eMTB from Lectric?

    Lectric has a new MTB coming out. Contacted them as no weight was listed, said 64 lbs in e-mail reply. Hopefully it will be up to their usual standards, wife’s 3.0 step through has been good.
  16. D

    Lectric steps up to the plate big time for my XP trike!

    I began having issues with the right rear outer axle bearing on my Lectric XP trike. After sending a video to Lectric I thought they would send me a new bearing and I would have the local bike repair shop install it for me. I was surprised when Lectric sent an email back stating that they did...
  17. rleiman

    Some Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 questions before I purchase it.

    Greeting everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing the Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 e-bike and have a few questions. I'm hoping some people on the forum who have purchased this bike can answer some of these questions. My first set of questions are about the weight of the bike. Can I remove the...
  18. C

    Tires & Tubes Replacement tire suggestion for my lectric xp 3.0

    Sometime early next spring I will need to replace my tires 20x3. Has anyone replaced theirs and if so, what did you buy, do you like them? Thank you for your time to reply. RIDE SAFE MY FRIENDS!
  19. D

    Rebuilding Lectric XP 2.0 batteries

    I purchased an XP 2.0 Stepthru in Nov 2021 and have clocked over 7,000 miles since then, using a 10Ah and a 14Ah battery. During the past 4 months Lectric has provided me with 3 replacement long range batteries, all of which need to be recharged after a 20 mile ride. Using their own 2 mile test...
  20. M

    Anyone knows what these displays means on an Lectric XP cargo?

    I have this volume reading that I can't identify, what is for or its meaning. Also a time read that I can't relate with anything I have done. Anyone here knows what these are?