1. E

    Hello from Maryland. Question about Lectric X Premium

    I’m trying to add a 12v circuit utilizing a dc to dc converter to run a brighter headlight and induction phone mount, I’m trying to do this without hacking into the factory wiring, does anyone know of a splitter I can buy to go between the battery connection under the bottom bracket to tap into...
  2. koyote

    Anyone know the EOMs for Lectric Xpedition controller and display?

    Does anyone know who is actually making the controllers and head units for the Lectric Xpedition / 3.0 ? and the hub motors?
  3. L

    Lectric 3.0 hydraulic brake upgrade

    Has anybody heard about the new kit that Lectric is going to put out for the 3.0 hydraulic brake upgrade? What about the cost?
  4. V

    Pannier for Lectric 3.0 in addition to a child seat?

    I have a child seat on my lectric 3.0. Would love to install a pannier but not sure if it's compatible with a child seat.
  5. S

    Lectric 2.0 for sale

    I have a Lectric 2.0 with the comfort seat and the cargo package. I have the rear basket mounted but it would come with the front basket unmounted. The bike has 1450 miles on it and I recently replaced the planetary gears as it was whining. The bike has been pretty trouble free. I upgraded...
  6. J

    lectric xp 3.0 problem!

    Just bought the lectric xp 3.0 w/ extended battery. It will not go faster than 17.5 ish throttle only. Even on the 100 setting. Cust serv. said to drain battery and recharge. What a Pain. I drained (rode 15 miles) until no power to wheel and error code on screen. Still 17.5 tops. Now what...
  7. M

    No power on my lectric xp 2.0

    The power will not come on, already changed battery and the plug in to the display as directed by the company, just wondearring if anyone has had this problem, keep thinking it is something I’m. Missing. Any thoughts?
  8. Mrteeth

    Lectric XP 3.0 Brakes...or lack of.

    My wife brought the Step Through model 12/22. So after the long winter, we finally got to put some miles on it. It's been about two weeks. Here's what I like and don't like. Like: Fun Comfortable with the wide seat Works like it should in both Pedal assist and throttle Dislike: The Brakes...
  9. Einstein

    Lectric XP™ Step-Thru 3.0 White Long-Range

    Selling Lectric XP™ Step-Thru 3.0 White Long-Range that came with comfort bundle, lock, seat and front light upgrade Road once, I'm 72 and feel to old to be on the street on a bike and the reason I'm selling Will add more pictures later if needed, pick up or shipped in original box, buyer pays...
  10. K

    They stole my idea.

    Two years ago I ran my Lectric XP using Ryobi power tool batteries. Now their selling bikes that do the same thing. I got 5 miles extra from each battery in the Tennessee mountains. My advice would be don't do it unless you want to carry 10 batteries for a fifty mile ride and the stopping...
  11. Einstein

    What Lectric folding ebike would you buy in a heart beat?

    So what Lectric folding ebike would you buy in a heart beat from their overwhelming list ?
  12. Ancientcoin

    Lectric sent out an email today that says "Something Big is Coming 2.21.2023".

    Their "biggest project to date". I wonder what it is.
  13. G

    Lectric 2.0 ebike kickstand options

    Lectric 2.0 original kickstand failed and it was too short anyway. Lectric sent a replacement that is holding up but is too long and the bikes are precarious and have blown over in a moderate wind. any suggestions?
  14. A

    Hello from Bunnell, Florida - Lectric 2.0

    WE have had our Lectric 2.0's for a year now. We're oldsters and we haven't ridden them that much yet. Hope to learn a lot here.
  15. W

    Lectric bike lock key blank

    I want to know if anyone know what key blank is used for the bike lock. I called Lectric and they only supply keys for the battery lock I've lost one key and could have another made if I knew what blank is used..The locksmitths don't want to bother looking it up.
  16. "A"

    Lectric XP e-Trike

    $1499 for an e-trike, I might have to get one just for kicks. Folding frame makes it even more enticing. https://electrek.co/2023/01/09/lectric-xp-trike-electric-tricycle-teaser-revealed/
  17. H

    Ramp or Trough for loading Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 into pickup truck bed

    I want to carry my eBike in the bed of my pickup but I can't lift it that high. My bike has fat tires and weights 70 pounds. What ideas do you have or know of that will help me? Thanks, LeRoy EDIT: Dec 9, 2022 Mine is an Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 Black Folding bike. It folds like this: . LeRoy
  18. H

    Northern WI here with Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0

    I just received a Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 Black Long-Range eBike on Saturday, Dec 3. I like it so far but it's my first ebike and is somewhat overwhelming. I bought it because I am a little passed my prime and can use some help occasionally while riding. I will pose a few questions in a...
  19. Mr.Eric

    Lectric XP Step Thru, like new, SoCal $650

    Like new Lectric Step Thru 22 miles 20x4" tires upgraded pedals stored indoors batter holds a full charge $650 Eric 310.456.7755 text
  20. R

    Lectric XPremium

    Lectric XPremium Is there a USB power outlet on this bike ?