Lectric XP rear hub upgrade


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Feb 5, 2024
Hello, has anyone upgraded the rear hub on an Lectric XP? I see hubs on Ebay and Amazon from 750-1000w, 48v. Just curious what I would need to look for as far as compatability. Also, can I swap out my 20x4" tires for 20x3" while keeping the same rim? Thx for the help.
Yeppers you sure can, just make sure the dropout width is correct or be prepared to alter things a bit.

That's a big Yes to your tire question as well ;)
Thx for the reply HumanPerson, do you know of anyone who has done the hub upgrade so I can pick their brain? I am pretty competent mechanically but a little weak electrically.
I swapped out a 1200 watt dd in place of a 750 geared on an espin nero that had a spun out stator,it was a 175mm dropout always make sure the dropouts are the same upgraded battery( something was weak on the espin,changed controller and even swapped the tires from 26x4 knobbies to 26x3 street tread,last i heard the bike was doing great and had a higher top speed,it wasnt really that difficult the hardest part was getting all the wires in the controller bag even changed the color