Rear hub quick disconnect.


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Aug 21, 2023
I am running a 750-1000w voilamart
Rear hub motor. With a 52v upp battery.
I thought of putting a quick disconnect about 12" from hub wire.
So I wouldn't have to disconnect from controller box to remove rear wheel.
There is the 3 -12 gauge wires and the 5 smaller wires 20 gauge or so.
Would this be wise?
I thought of adding 1 -3 pin, and 1' 5 pin.
Problem is I Can't find a 12 gauge 3 pin.
I've Heard people with 9 pin julet the large 3 pin are 16 gauge.
Any help would be appreciated.
Bullet connectors like your controller has are what is usually done. Those phase wires are heavy gauge for a reason. The five Halls are just signal, easy. The phase wires carry heavy loads, and that motor will pull them. Especially if you have hill climbs over 2-3 minutes, and/or you weigh much over 200lbs, or carry 75lbs of tools in your backpack, or both.

Phase wires that are too light will melt, and short, and cause internal engine damage, possible controller damage, and a long walk home.