Compatible Lectric 3.0 hydraulic brake pads like factory type D pads


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Nov 17, 2023
Would appreciate a little advice. Riding the Lectric 3.0 step-through model with the new hydraulic brake system that first began shipping in July. Time for new pads (because I live in a hilly area) but Lectric is out of stock on their Type D pads for the 3.0 and won't ship more until the first week in January. Can someone suggest a specific pad set I can buy that are just like the factory pads (or even better pads perhaps that are comparable). Just don't want to roll the dice and buy something off of Amazon that won't fit.
You'll be able to match the pads you have then order the new ones.
Excellent resource I've already looked at and bookmarked for future use HumanPerson! Only thing that could top your reply would be someone who has already replaced pads on an XP 3.0 hydraulic and could toss out a specific set of pads. Many thanks for making a newbie feel welcome!