Replacement Battery for the Karmic Koben S?


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Jun 14, 2022
Hello, I’m interested in purchasing a Karmic Koben S V2 from a private party. The bike is in great shape but it’s approximately four years old. The battery is my concern because it’s manufacturer was discontinued and life expectancy is 3-5 years. I reached out to the company but no replacement batteries are available. Bottom line: Has anyone replaced a battery with an aftermarket on this bike?
Thanks, Scott
Look for more than two wires coming from the battery, and/or any sort of Bluetooth connection to the controller or display. See if any detailed battery info is available on the display other than voltage.

If only two wires, and no additional data, then you SHOULD be able to replace with a generic aftermarket battery.

Used battery is NEVER, EVER worth anything over $50, and some say that is too high.
Thanks for the reply. I’ve encountered another problem after purchasing the bike. The peddle assist stopped working yesterday. The battery was fully charged, and I was commuting to work on level 4 assistance and all the sudden nothing. An engine icon popped up on my screen (see pic). I reset the programing to factory settings. Now I get maybe one minute of assist and then it stops working. Any advice? Thanks
When did you purchase it and how long and how well and how often did it work, correctly, before it broke?

What happened to it, what did you do, very important to know FULLY CHARGED battery voltage, as stamped in writing on the battery AND on the charger.

You will need to google search for that bike and/or that display and try to find out what exactly that message means, could be a loose wire, check carefully and thoroughly, might need a new controller.
Problem solved. I relocated the magnet to the speed censer thinking it was a little off from perfectly lined up. My mistake… when I returned it to the previous position everything started working properly! If it’s not broke, Don’t fix it.
I need a charger for my Karmic Koben?
Will buy one,working or not.
I bought a new charger, but the plug is different than any ones I have seen ,about the same size as a RCA plug but no provision for center pin.
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