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Sep 19, 2023
It is interesting how many e bike batteries are NOT locked. Yes they have the standard built in £5 lock yes £5 ... 7804714604

WHO! in their right mind, sorry (autistic joke) relies on a £5 bike lock.

I have not posted this for someone to comment on what it looks like, it is my choice but this is my solution. And NO it can not be slid up/down as it goes through the mudguard.

In fact I don't care if my bike is stolen, I use 2 D locks both Diamond and two of these for the battery, my only concern is being left stranded not the replacement, £30 a small cost for extra security, we all know all locks can be cut but a deterrent is a deterrent ... 9hdGY&th=1


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A couple thoughts; just my point of view:
  • If the built-in lock doesn't deter the thief, I don't think that plastic strap is going to either.
  • If you're that concerned about it, why not just bring the battery in with you?
  • The fact that the built-in lock costs 5 pounds doesn't mean it's not effective.