The Best Upgrade You Can't Buy in Any Store!

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7:17 PM
Nov 9, 2023
Central New York
Hands down the Best upgrade you can make to Any Bike is a Hard Case Locking "Trunk". This hearkens back the old Moped days when every mopeder wanted one of these on the back of their moped.


These were made during the 1960's through the 1990's, primarily by Samsonite and American Tourister, and were called by different names such as "Train Case", "Vanity Case", "Cosmetic Case" and "Overnight Case". They were used mostly by single women who were traveling alone and staying overnight. Many airline stewardesses used these on overnight flights where they would be returning the next day. Measuring 15x9x9 they were just big enough for some night clothes, make-up and toiletries.


Some came with a removable tray for small items such as lipstick and nail polish, I usually throw the tray out.


There were also expandable pockets on the inside. (Reminds me of a Coffin!) These cases are perfect for carrying around tools, spare tubes and various items you might need on your ride or to do roadside repairs.


They came with 2 keys that had a number stamped on them, in case you lost them you could get new keys. The one I bought is from 1992 and it's still New and Never used, they keys are still in the original packaging!


Despite having 2 locks on the case, you only need 1 key to open both locks.


Made out of Thick Heavy plastic that is Flexible enough to bend and not break. Do you remember the American Tourister commercial of a Gorilla throwing a suitcase around in his cage?

I just happened to find one that almost nearly matches the color of my bike with the dark green color and black trim.


Did I say you can't buy these in any store? Yep, that's right, they stopped making them because they were TOO GOOD and LASTED TOO LONG . . . But you CAN get them on Ebay. Search using the terms above I highlighted in Bold and Underline. You can also search for a color that matches or compliments your bike.

Listing 01.jpg

Each manufacturer has different model names over the years, mine is a Samsonite from 1992 and is called "Excel". Just make sure the one you buy HAS KEYS!!! Preferably BOTH KEYS!!! If keys are not in the listing or pictures contact the seller and ask if the keys are included.
Happy hunting on Ebay, here's a Hint - if you find one you like you can click on "Add to Watchlist" and usually in 24 hours or less you will get an offer for 5 or 10 percent off sometimes more, and you can also make a counter offer.
Yeah, I guess they DID stop making those. I remember my grandma having one when I was a kid and thinking: "Well THAT looks handy!"

Now, if we search for "overnight case, hard-side" they look a little different:

They're either industrial, cutesy or have wheels and a handle.

Are you going to drill holes through the bottom then, and bold it to your rack?

By the way, you're going to quickly scratch the s**t out of your paint job right down to the aluminum if you carry the chain like that. :oops: I think your new case will be JUST big enough to carry all your new locks and maybe have room for lunch and a water bottle. ;)
Here is the latest one I'm looking at. It's the right shape, but maybe a bit too wide, so I'm sticking with my basket and a bicycle-sized bungee net for now. The reviewers say it's almost wide enough for two full face motorcycle helmets: I just need the scooter sized version of this.
When you DO mount yours, leave a little room for your butt to overhang the back of the seat, or it won't be comfortable at all.
Yes, I'll drill 4 holes and mount to existing racks.

I can't mount it yet because I'm getting an oversized seat and a suspension seatpost. Will have to get those installed first.