Share your ebike and recommend good one for me

Paralysis by over analysis. I fell into that trap when I first started to shop for an ebike. I ended up buying a Trek Allant+ 7s. It was expensive but what a great bike. I ended up passing that bike on to my daughter because I could not get the fit right ( I'm tall) I went to the kit mode to add to existing bike I already owned and fit me. I live in a small town so I do not have the theft issues. That would drive me crazy to the point that I would never leave the bike out of sight. Good Luck with all that. These people have given you great advice and I'm sure you will soon be riding out there and having fun!!
I found the reviewer eBike Escape helpful, here is a link to his website where he compares "the Top Ebike Brands of 2023: Our Favorites List":

I ended up with an Aventon Level.2 step through (white), partly because they sell and service the Aventons at a local bike shop that I have used for a number of years; in fact, that might be a criteria to add to your list. It was very helpful to do a test ride before purchase so I was not just crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. Here is my information:
  • Brand / Model: Aventon Level.2 2023
  • Cost: $$ ($1,599)
  • Satisfied? Very
  • Would you recommend to others? Y
There are a complex array of considerations for an Ebike including:
  • Frame style (step over, step through, folding)
  • Tire configuration (road, fat tire, tubeless)
  • Primary use (commuting, cruiser, mountain biking, hauling/cargo)
  • Sensor technology (cadence or torque sensing)
  • Throttle or no throttle
  • Display or no display
  • Frame material (usually aluminum) and single or double butted
  • Motor placement (rear hub, front hub, mid drive, multiple motors)
  • Motor Watts (plus legal limitations in your state/country) with 500-750W being most common
  • Drive system (derailleur or single speed)
  • Brake type (most ebikes have disk brakes, mechanical or hydraulic)
  • Quality of bicycle components
  • Ease of shifting, if multi-speed
  • Real-world range between charges (versus stated range under ideal conditions)
  • Etc.
One method of narrowing ebike choices would be to decide what you need based on a list like this. I created a spreadsheet and compared various ebike specs.

I know from your post you've made an initial choice of an Evie bike and cite their built in security features. Keep in mind, however, you can buy a bike alarm for about $18 HERE; an Apple AirTag for under $30 HERE or a combined alarm and tracker for $60 HERE. There are U-locks available that go a long ways in defeating angle grinder attacks (which in general can cut any lock), such as the LiteLok X1 ($200, I have one)or especially the LiteLok X3 ($300) - not cheap but better than buying a new ebike. This will be a much better security than the cafe lock on the Evie bike.

But, the important thing is, if that's what you want, then go for it - it's your decision!! Best of luck in your research.
Same here, we bought 2 Aventon Level 2 Stepthrough. Test driving at a local bike shop that provides excellent support were criteria for me also,
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