130 Brands! What ebike do you have and would you recommend?

  • Zeegr/S1
  • Cost $1500 $$
  • Satisfied? Very much so, but I consider lower cost bikes a "kit" which may require upgrades for you to be fully pleased with it.
  • Would you recommend to others? (Y/N) Yes
I have had it for about 2 months. Since then, several things were upgraded, with more to come.
I liked: Dual Suspension frame. Great power via two 1Kw hub motors. Decent battery at (rated) 48 Volts and 22.4 Amp Hour capacity.
Delivered with Headlight, Taillight, Fenders, Horn, Cruise Control, rear rack, and a color other than grey/black/silver/black.
Things which were upgraded to tune for my use: Rear rack had a horizontal bar welded on it to keep cloth saddlebags out of the spokes.
Taillight was upgraded to a better unit with blinky lights, brake light, turn signals and alarm.
The factory tires (Knobbies) did not match the kind of riding I do. They were upgraded with a more street-friendly tire with a thick carcass to discourage punctures (Annova Hybrid). A sealant (flat-out) was added to both tires for worry-free riding.
Saddle bags were added, for those "grocery getter moments".
End of handlebar mirror was installed on the traffic side. It gives great awareness of traffic approaching from behind.
Future upgrades: Additional batteries and a battery combiner is on hand for a future upgrade to extend available distance even more.
Larger disks for the brakes are on hand (203mm and 180mm), to give even more braking performance. As equipped this bike is quite heavy. The caliper adapters are on hand too, with a good variety to "MacGyver it" if needed.
The other bike is a "bargain bike" which has punched way out of its price class. (best for riders who are not tall).

Cost: $900 $
Satisfied?: Yes, surprisingly so. It has had few extras added. It is for the wife who is "under-tall".
Would I recommend it to others? If they are on a budget, very much so.

It has been in use for a bit less than 2 months. It is a folding bike with 20-inch wheels and a 30-inch seat height. It is a step-through design with a 48V 15Ah battery. It gets more range per charge than the Zeeger bike above. It came with headlight, taillight, fenders, and a rear rack. It will get up to 28Mph, even with a heavy rider. The motor is 750W, but due to the smaller wheel diameter, it's acceleration is quite good.

The only thing upgraded has been the addition of a rear basket on the factory rear rack. It will soon get some sealant (flat-out) added to the inner tubes.
Marin Sausalito E2
cost: $1900
satisfied: yes bought this for the wife so we could bike ride together as I go faster on my 20 yr old Fuji Absolute Flat bar road bike. The Marin Sausalito has 11 speeds which for the wife is overkill but it has decent quality Shimano components ,front shocks, mid motor and steps 6100 motor, weight is 44 lbs.

Now with the wife having an E bike this has prompted me to consider one as been riding my Fuji in 45 F weather and the road feedback from the aged aluminum frame is killing my arthritic shoulders and it needs new rubber. On my 3rd chain ring for this bike so it's served me well was thinking about buying another better road bike but at 72 yrs old I think I'm ready for an e bike.

Wouldn't mind suggestions from the forum at which bikes I should consider, looking for a road bike similar to the characteristics of the wife's Sausalito but I'd be good with 8 or 9 speeds and open to hub vs mid range motor, a primary consideration though is weight as ideally I'd prefer a not to exceed 50 lbs weight.

Vela 2
cost: $1500 (without the Brooks saddle, bought later)
satisfied: at firts no, because it arrived and didn't work, I complained to the factory and they sent me a tool kit (I live far away from big cities). Well, i checked the electrical connections on the controller and found some porr welding, and after redone everything started working again.
It has good torque and good speed. It has a 350W hub motor and 36 V battery inside the seat stay. Speed selection and battery status are via app.



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Posted about buying wife a Marin Sausalito, I just picked up a Specialized Turbo Tero 3.0 for < $2k , however after placing the order got a text from a Texas Yamaha reseller, maybe in Houston that is selling Yamaha CrossCore RC for ~ $1,500 , when researching Yamaha they have a current promotion where you get a free spare battery when you buy their e bike, but I doubt that you get that from the Texas dealer at the price.
  • Schwinn Boundary 29" eMTB, 250W Jiabo rear hub motor, class 1, 7 gears (sold)
  • Cost
    • $= $440
  • Satisfied? Yes, somewhat
  • Would you recommend to others? (Y/N)
  • YES, but depends on needs, Pacific cycles customer service is excellent, apparently, unlike other ebikes manufactured in China, some bike shops actually work on them.
  • Comment: nice, decent quality entry level ebike for a 5-10mls range in your neighborhood, max speed 20mph, and for light trails

  • Saibaike SK03 27.5" eMTB aka Aurelia CG-1 (Europe), 500W (250W) Jiabo mid drive motor, class 1, 7 gears (sold)
  • Cost
    • $= <$1050 (EUR2300) retail
  • Satisfied?
    • Yes, somewhat, customer service is functional (replaced charger)
  • Would you recommend to others? YES, but Chinesiums depend on diy willingness/skill level. It has excellent long-term reviews as rental ebike.
  • Comment: Midrive motor, torque sensor, and hydraulic brakes is a bit higher end, motor is not as powerful uphill as expected from a 110nm torque motor, compared to 500W Bafang, up to 22mph, unusual torque sensor, needs adjustment of shifting habits for uphill riding, or you'll hear the gears working loud and clear, expect to change chain, chainring, and freewheel often.

  • Walke F1, 26" hybrid ebike, 500W Bafang hub motor, class 2, 21 gears
  • Cost
    • $= <$630
  • Satisfied?
    • Very, customer service not yet needed, may buy second one as future parts donor, prolong longevity of battery
  • Would you recommend to others? YES, but Chinesiums depend on diy willingness/skill level
  • Comment: "needed" some upgrades including 11-28T freewheel, 26X1.75" hybrid tires, now goes up to 25mph, no ghost pedaling, actuated hydraulic brakes, torque arm, suspension seat post, 14Ah instead of 10.4Ah available. The best is, though, without battery it rides just as well as my 2006 Trek FX. Perfect for my needs.
  • Brand / Model: Evelo / Omega with extra rack/battery
  • Cost
    • $= <$1000
    • $$= $1000-$3000
    • $$$=$3000-$5000: I paid a total of $3098 in February 2024 when price was rock bottom for many vendors, but price now is $3999 for bike plus $799 for extra rack/battery
    • $$$$=$5000-$7000
    • $$$$$=>$7000
  • Satisfied?
    • Very: Absolutely very, very, satisfied!
    • Somewhat
    • Not
  • Would you recommend to others? (Y/N): Yes, Absolutely! It is one awesome bike in every way! And the company is even better!
Here is my review for this bike:
Evelo Omega review

For the last year or two I’ve researched e-bikes to death. Doing so, I gradually put together all the “checkboxes” for what I really wanted in a bike. I actually considered an analog bike too, as there are a few out there that I would definitely consider, particularly ones with the pinion gearbox. I’ve ridden bikes all my life, and I love doing all my own work and tuning a bike to perfection as much as the riding itself, but I’m 75, and while I’m in good shape at this point, when I consider that I’ll be using the bike for transportation, and to haul things too like groceries etc., I figured that an e-bike was probably a better choice. So I started comparing e-bikes from several manufacturers. I put together an Excel spreadsheet, ultimately comparing a dozen or more bikes on every feature. I looked at the bike, its cost, its base power as well as its peak power, torque sensor vs cadence sensor, more importantly its torque nm rating, mid drive or hub drive, belt or chain drive, display showing battery percentage, class 3, thumb throttle, Enviolo, range, tire size, weight, hydraulic brakes, weight capacity, rack capacity, lighting, warranty, ability to charge both batteries with one connection on the bike, etc. etc. etc. Like I said, I researched it to death. But having done all the research, and putting each of them into a spreadsheet, made it clear which bikes were the best choices. My priorities were belt drive, Enviolo, 100+ nm torque, 750/1100W power, class 3, thumb throttle, mid drive, 350 lb. weight capacity, hydraulic brakes, a second battery, warranty, and customer support. It finally came down to 2 in particular, both from Evelo, the Atlas, and the Omega. I would have gone for the Atlas, but it was more expensive, and it was sold out. I was waiting for Maine’s e-bike rebate to be implemented, but after the law being in place for almost a year and it still wasn’t happening, and the price of the Omega due to increase, I finally pulled the trigger, and I bought the Omega with the extra battery. And I’m so very glad that I did. At first, I wondered if I would like the automatiq shifting, but I’ve very quickly grown to love it. The app is really great, I can set the cadence I want, and just go. This is one awesome bike! I’ve added a couple things, a Redshift Shockstop suspension seat post, which is nice on even some of the paved roads that aren’t in the best shape. I’ll be adding the Kinekt 100mm x 50 degree High Rise stem. And I’ve also added a Busch & Müller bar end mirror, and a SP Connect phone holder. I’ve added an Ortlieb handlebar bag. And of course some good locks from Hiplok and Litelok. And I will soon get Ortlieb Back Roller Classic panniers, so I’ll have a place to carry things. But what is perhaps even more important to me than the awesome bike itself, is the customer support, or should I say even the potential customer support. I had a lot of questions about the Omega, and each of the guys at Evelo patiently and promptly answered every question, not like a salesman, but like someone who really cared about the things I was asking. You can’t put a price on customer care like that. I wanted a bike that would be able to blend into traffic, not hold it up and make drivers impatient. The Omega is presented as being class 3, but only up to 25 mph, which is okay, but I preferred to be able to get it a bit higher, like the Atlas. As it turns out, the Omega is no slouch, I’ve gotten it up to 30 mph without any problem. Even since I bought it, I’ve had a question or two, and Evelo’s support has continued. They email me to see how things are going, and are ready to promptly help out in any way at all. I love Evelo’s follow up and support just as much as the bike, I cannot recommend them more heartily!



Moab anywhere trike, NO,NO,NO,NO,
DONT BUY, really bad trike, I got taken for 1500$

No service, No service

DONT BUY, pice of junk.
MOBA anywhere trike, DONT BUY, NO, NO NO,


Pice of junk, broke broke 1st time ride, still broke 6 months later and they won’t answere there phone or email.

I own the ridstar Q20, which is low priced and meets my daily travel needs.

It was ordered at 1099$ and I don't know if there is any price reduction and upgraded configuration now.
Swagtron EB9
Cost $
Satisfied: definitely
Would recommend: Yes, depending on their requirements

The EB9 is a light weight (43 lb), road bike style, skinny tired ebike. Between my wife and I we own 3 of them, 2 in Illinois and one in Florida (we're snow birds). We use them for transportation and recreation. In fact we don't own a car in Florida. For this riding around town application I think they are fantastic.

It's one shortcoming is range. Swagtron touts 28 miles per charge. I got 24 in a test where I was riding at PAS level 2 about 15-16 mph. I would like to do some touring; and that's not enough.
Scanning the list of company brands posted on this forum, I count 130. My guess is that there are even more.

That‘s a lot of companies! Talk about market saturation and consumer confusion.
It‘s no wonder that folks shopping for their first ebike are so overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

I know when I was shopping, I started with some of those “best of” write ups from several trade publications. Other than that (and people pouring over forums like this one), it’s hard to tell people where to start.

Anyone dare venture forth a list of Top 5 or Top 10 companies they would recommend?

Also, please share these things if you own an ebike(s)

  • Brand / Model
  • Cost
    • $= <$1000
    • $$= $1000-$3000
    • $$$=$3000-$5000
    • $$$$=$5000-$7000
    • $$$$$=>$7000
  • Satisfied?
    • Very
    • Somewhat
    • Not
  • Would you recommend to others? (Y/N)
I'm riding an NCM moscow,(made in Germany in hopes of sales to Russia with parts from all over). 7.500 miles, & though
we've had our little disagreements, the bike has been very tolerant of my mistakes. I can't lie, I've put a lot of work in it,
but it's actually gotten stronger than when it was new. I paid $1200; it's been as low a $949, but is no longer in production.
My 1st bike was $2700 & not half as good as the NCM. I won't make a recommendation since individual needs vary widely.
  • Brand / Model amyet/s8
  • Cost
    • $= <$1000 $969 amazon
    • $$= $1000-$3000
    • $$$=$3000-$5000
    • $$$$=$5000-$7000
    • $$$$$=>$7000
  • Satisfied?
  • Very yes
    • Somewhat
    • Not
  • Would you recommend to others? (Y/N) yes
I purchased a amyet s8 from amazon, its a dual drive full suspension ebike with hydraulic brakes and 2 1000 watt hub motors.
I did some small modifications to it (I built a rear rack for saddle bags) it only cost me $969 us I'm very happy with this bike, it has plenty of power, and I got it up to about 42 mph, and I'm not a small guy 230lbs on a good day. handles great on or off road, has a 48 volt 25 amp hour battery ( supposed to get up to 75 miles on a charge) but I have not tested that. it's so much fun to drive.. I have even had a passenger on it with me!