Hey there everyone this will be my very first post


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Feb 27, 2023
Hey there everyone this will be my very first post here really enjoyed lurking for an hr and decided this is most definately a wonderful community to be a part of and im very excited to be here looking forward to posing reviews as EV / EBIKES have enabled me to ride again and with proper pedal assist cycling

ive worked my way down to PAS 2 or 1 sometimes ill ride on the road in 4 or 5 more pickup but anyways electric vehicles were a wierd area for a HARDCORE GAS GUY but in my older age ive grown to LOVE THE EASE OF USE IF ONE BUYS AND DOES HIS / HER RESEARCH AND GETS A QUALITY UNIT POINT BEING ITS LIFE CHANGING!!!

I have a new passion for posting video reviews and forum reviews etc specificly regarding my adventures on gas bikes and want to post many many reviews here and on other venues etc as im very close to feeling well enough to ease into a well thougtout door dash hustle thats pretty sweet as im in the perfect place in a city of 35,000 people in semi highlands area of western north carolina its not very saturated with takers for deliverys and i LITERALLY CAN RIDE THE GREENWAY ALLLLLL ACROSS TOWN IT KEEPS ME OFF THE ROAD MANY CYCLIST HAVE LOST THIER LIVES HERE ITS A HUGE BONUS i have seen a very consistent trend of people making $200 a day for some thats not much for me just making any money at work would be very much ground breaking

im very intent on growing my youtube presense and once back to work with the right capital starting some investment in more bikes and most definately some ESCOOTERS most likely a Wolf Warrior GT want something scary quick when i want it to be = p then back into the drivers seat of a car although personally if its warm id never do deliverys not on 2 wheels here especailly just way more efficient and faster to the customer for sure.

Anyways wanted to give some intentions and background my ultimate goal is to get good enough with the reviews to by the grace of God Have a sponsored review by a company as there are many many new ones i give unbiased constructive oppinon and call out flaws constructively as the situation and flaw allows i mean if sometheing like for instance a BRASEN saftey flaw it will very sternly be called out and checked in later revisions or in contact with the company in terms of revisiosn to fix the issues

i like to give companys a shot to fix things as we cant always expect perfection but for example the semi popular chinese based mainly on amazon company Freesky Cycles gave pretty horrible customer support and i have very very strong reason to belive a good number of reviews 5 stars all of them are pretty brasenly fake if you r in the SEO and website flipping industry and ive had a hand in many many IM (internet marketing ) ventures and have seen many many fake reviews and review sellers its out in the open lol

so anyways im not bashing freesky as this isnt the place period for that in general as a whole but look if someone never sees the thread i plan on making WITH EVIDENCE prood is important if i just make alegations its not worth a darn so look they make a great product as whole but support for damage was literally laughable wanted hundreds and hundreds to ship it back didnt have the proper brakes etc and multiple other issues but i ended up taking care of them myself but they wanted 190 bucks for the brakes lmfao fedex was all kinds of bad to the box so anyways freesky get a entire different support department i was beyound patient but moral is watch the reviews.

Cheers all looking forward to my stay haha



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Jun 16, 2018
Welcome to the forum!

Please see your other thread, some members have replied with some tips for upgrading your brakes:



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Nov 26, 2022
Temper your expectations and be welcome,I take you are trying to acquire a cargo bike? Just be advised there are legal limits on speed and power for ebikes, too much and its not an Ebike anymore. Best.