Experience with Argo Cargo bakfiets conversion kit?


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4:14 AM
Apr 28, 2022
Not exactly an e-bike question but i figured the e-cargo forum is an appropriate place since i know e-bike users really push their cargo bikes to the limits.

I'm curious to know if there are any users who've messed with one of these Argo kits; bakfiets for an entry level price tag typa deal. The online reviews I've read feel like they are written by people who haven't spent time on another long-bike, so you hear kinda typical complaints like "the steering it a little squishy" which is a typical feeling after a first ride on a long-bike with linkage steering, or just generic "it's awesome" which sounds like someone who's never been on a long-jon before.

I've been a bakfiets / long-bike user for two decades and I love the hell out of them, i'd just like to know if this Argo thing is worth it's weight in salt as a lower price tag alternative to a $3000+ long-bike such as the Larry vs Harry line-up, or if it's too ricketty to be even worth considering.

Like, can you confidently bomb a hill at 40km/hr with 150 lbs of carpentry tools in the trunk without worrying the thing is going to splinter into pieces?